Arobot, improving education through technology

Arobot, improving education through technology

Our challenge, your solutions

Arobot to teach STEAM (Science Techonology Engineering Art Math)

to adress the need of reducing the cost of set up a lab for praticing on technical courses, and also due to the increase of people learning from home, we designed arobot a small robot that allows students to pratice STEAM and also apply the knowlodge thier learn at the classroom. 


Team: Arotec

Members roles and background

Team members 

 ( Eng. electronics )

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(robot technician )

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Solution description

Our final product is a robot that allows students/kids that are leaning or praticing subjects related to math and tecnologies. 

This solution aloows that students would connect with a large platofrm, whjere their learn to code, program, build and modify the robot, as weel as interacting with othes students. The users can also receive online lesosns and material to pratice with thier robot. 

The sucess of this would be refleted on the interresse that the kids will have on the subjects and arewas realted to tecnologies. Also by using such robot, we have a parallel of how to tecnolhoies involve and what students are learning. 

This solution can procide an way to allowing education to evolve with new tech, the designers of the robot (us), can keep improving the robot according to the new tech and also the curriculum of the sudents will follow this improviment. thus proving a way of tech and education to envolve together. 

Solution context

the problem is the lack of pratical lessons to teach tech at school, aplication of the theoritical content atr schools and also for students who learn at home. 

so our solution adress this need and solve the problem of having new technologies directly being used for the students. 


Solution target group

Students from year 4 to year 11, or indivuduais aged from 8 years old to 17 years old willing to learn steam. 

Solution impact

Our solution can to change the way lessons are gived at schools, and how many students learn. the sucess will be measured to seeing how to students will grwo thier interested in learning and applying new tech. 

Also the reflection of this will see on the number of useres of the proiduct and how the product is seen on many class room and household. 

Solution tweet text

the future at your hand

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is simple to use and easy to asemble kits, that allows students and teacher to take more benfits the knowldge thier already teach. 

There are other robots at the market but our robot take into considerations what studnets are learning at schools and what the real world in terms of technologies have to present. 

Solution transferability

Yes the solution is most used for schools, and also for induiais at home, however the same solution can be used at traning centers by arranging course around it. 


Also the kits used tecnologies that can bse used in other cenarios such as programaming plataform and knowledge giving, the sensors used can be in other areas of learning.  

Solution sustainability

The robot is eady to manufacure and easy to be deployed. 

Mid term implemetation 

  1. create parternership with schools to use our product. 
  2. sell it for individuais at local market and online stores.
  3. set up trainning center that use the product and provide short course 

Long term implementation

  1. improve the design to have new technologies 
  2.  set up events where our users can interact with others 
  3. set up large and multiuple trainnng centers 

Solution team work

We have a multidisciplinary team where we ahve different inputs from multiples areas, this allows to have a product with great and adress the need we want. 

Also we value everyone opinions and we are always looking to improve, we plan to continue to have this approach. 



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