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Family is going back 2 School

Our mission is to get families back to playing an active and important role in the educational process. We want families, as well as students, to be able to participate in the school's daily routine and share their opinions, ideas and doubts.


Team: Schoolies

Team members

Joana Gonçalves / Rafaela Araújo/ Dara Sanches / Vivaldi

Members roles and background

Joana Gonçalves - Teacher

Rafaela Araújo - Human Resource management student

Dara Sanches - Human Resource management student

Vivaldi - 

Contact details

Solution description

Our ideia is to boost the students performance by creating a platform that can envolve parents with the student´s school life.

This platform will allow parents to participate in the school activities and plans through the following mechanisms:

  1. Parents can see the students grades, if they are absent from classes, what they are learning in each subject
  2. Schedule an online meeting with the Educational Counselor or the school psychologist
  3. Suggestions area where parents can share contacts, opinions, activities ideas, improvement ideas or concerns.
  4. Online Chat for each class where the topics from the Parents´meetings can be discuss and solved ( for parents that can´t be present in this meetings)
  5. Creating monthly challenges for parents and students to solve together with an annual valorization premium ( for the families with higher percentage of participation)
  6.  Virtual Assistant available

Solution context

Problem: Lack of interaction between families and school which results in decreased the students school performance

Challenge: Bring the families back again to the Educational Process 

Solution target group

Our target group are the students' families, schools and students.


School benefit: Facilitates the educational process, reintegrate the concept of education between families and school


Families Benefit: Improve the relationship between the student and the family, greater commitment with the Educational Process, reintegrate the concept of education 


Students' Benefit: Increased school performance and greater commitment to the school

Solution impact

  • Increased school performance
  • Greater collaboration between families and school
  • Improving the school/home environment
  • A more complete and structured educational process

Measure: Through the number of families accesing the platform and the interactions within it

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Solution innovativeness

  • Active participation of parents through the challenges
  • Accessing and sharing information that would otherwise be difficult to access

Solution transferability

In the future, this platform can be use:

  • Internship Companies
  • Erasmus Partners
  • Erasmus Students
  • Partner Companies

Solution sustainability

Implement an annuity system for parents to use the platform

Solution team work

It was a huge challenge that we had as a team but we are all happy with the result and sure that we want to continue to work as a group.


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