Online gaming solutions to solve real life problems.

Online gaming solutions to solve real life problems.

Our challenge, your solutions

Gamifying real life

We create online games to help you learning what you weren't taught about the real world. 

We develop online simulators that recreate real life problems. 


Team: GRL - Gamifying real life!

Team members

Catarina Matos; Iara Sousa, Vanessa Limpo

Members roles and background

Catarina matos : 3rd year student on TourismTechnician Course - 17 years old, from Seixal. 

Iara Sousa - 3rd year student on Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising course, 17 years old, from Moita. 

Vanessa Limpo - English and French teacher at a vocational school in Lisbonn, 43 years old, from Amadora. 


Contact details

Solution description

Our product  is a series of online games created to empower young adults on their daily life. 

By emulating real life situations like opening a bank account, filling in a tax form or  using an ATM,  we can help them to achieve  social autonomy, enhance their digital and finantial literacy and, at the same time, providing  them knowledge in a fun environment. 


Solution context

Nowadays, there's a major gap felt by youngsters when transitioning to adult life.  They struggle to understant the functioning of basic daily life situations like filling in a tax form, providing first aid to friends, classmates or relatives, renting a house or knowing how to vote, etc. 

We came up with a fun and pedagogical solutiuon for these problems! 

Solution target group

Our target group are youngsters from 15 to 18/19 years old that are graduating from high school and struggle to face adulthood and its daily challenges. 

Solution impact

On a short term basis we intend to create and develop knowledge on various practical aspects of daily life by providing online gaming  tools.

Bearing that in mind, we will start with a test group of 60 people (3 classes from a Vocational School based in Lisbon, ages 15 to 18 years old).

Each group/class will work with a different simulator that offers a specific real life problem, thus responding to a particular need for a period of 6 months. There will be an initial survey to understand where  the groups are at that point and a final one, to assess the groups' evolution. 

On a long term basis, we intend to facilitate and empower young adults on their process to reach autonomy in their lives (digital, finantial, social, physical autonomy).

Solution tweet text

Do you wanna play life?

Solution innovativeness

There are lots of onlime gaming solutions for young adults but they are mostly connect to leisure aspects or academic purposes. 

We make the difference because our focus is citizenship oriented and there's a lack of citizenship promotion on the market. 

There's a school subject now on the syllabus that can be used as an "pedagogical laboratory" where our products can be developed and practised. 

Solution transferability

These games can be replicated in other languages, countries and/or cultures. We'll just have to adapt the settings.

Solution sustainability

We intend to implement our product firstly on a micro level (60 students, 3 classes) to feel how students and teachers adhere to our idea and then after a follow up survey we will proceed with the expansion of our products: we intend to establish partnerships with technological companies, digital marketeers, game developers, and in exchange, we can set internship protocol between our students and these companies. 

Bearing in mind that we want our products to go "global", we also intend to create protocols with other schools (both national and interrnational) . We can post some videos of our gaming sessions through online educational platforms like E-Twinning so we could reach more people in the future. 

Solution team work

We really enjoyed working together, we've been learning a lot about each other and with each other. 

This topic (online gaming for educational purposes) is really interesting because it's all about change and that's what education needs. 

We are really looking forward to working together in the future!


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