Straight Up

Straight Up

Our challenge, your solutions

A function that will monitor your posture

Straight Up - helps students, teachers (and others) to sit straight at the table.


Team: Foxy

Team members

Frash Yelizaveta (Elisabeth), 14 y.o.

Members roles and background

I can tell you about myself, because I don't know what to say about the team if I'm alone ;)

I'm 14 years old. when I was 12, I won a contest to create mobile apps for girls (Technovation). Mine was about
education. I'm a great student, I love learning, I'm very curious. Education is important to me. Quality education. I
love this field, which is why it is important for me to participate in its development. I studied programming, game
creation, and design for 3 years. (now I am studying purely as a programmer). I took courses in entrepreneurship. I'm
a great speaker, I'm not afraid of the audience. In my free time, I like to compose my own music, play the piano,
draw, and design clothes. Oh Yes, I'm writing my own book: )

Contact details


Solution description

A project that solves the problem of students posture curves using artificial intelligence.
Straight Up can be used like function in Apple, Lenovo, Samsung products (and the like)
Or a function in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet applications
After the pandemic, straight up (in studying) will also be relevant. Provided that the studying will take place through
electronic gadgets and Al. (the studying will be fully or partially digitized)
$148B TAM (Total Addressable Market) - are potential downloads of desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and
macOS by organizations (worldwide)
this figure shows us that such a solution is not only useful but also profitable

Solution context

Many students sit incorrectly during their studies.
During the pandemic, the situation has worsened, 1/7 of students complain of back pain after one hour of working at
the computer , and many have stopped paying attention to discipline at all.
Some people sit in chairs or lie down, this is very harmful to their health

Solution target group

Straight up is needed by absolutely all people who spend more than one hour a day at the computer (in the field of
education, these are students, teachers). With straight up, all these people will be able to monitor their posture.
They will have fewer health problems.

Solution impact

This will have a huge impact on education. Not so much for education, how much for the learning process.
The impact will be on every person who spends more than 1 hour a day at the computer. And this is a large part of
the population

Solution tweet text

Straight Up is a unique innovation that allows millions of people to control their posture and prevent long-term health problems. The AI will track your position, and if your back is not straight, it will let you know.

Solution innovativeness

My idea is good because for a straight back, a person does not need any sensors (attached to the back), corsets.
thanks to the straight lift, a straight back will become a habit for people easily, quickly and conveniently.
Competitors are corsets and sensors (attached to the back). People don't feel comfortable wearing it. Therefore,
straight up is a priori better.
There is also an application similar to straight up from Japanese developers. But it has two huge disadvantages: the
battery is quickly drained, and the accuracy of detection is poor.
In Straight Up the first(1) problem solves is that it is built into the product(macOS, Windows) or application(Zoom). It
will spend less battery power. And the second(2) will be solved through careful development.

Solution transferability

Straight Up can be used not only for education. It is suitable for everyone who spends more than an hour a day at
the computer.
Programmers, office workers, scientists, gamers
(absolutely everything)

Solution sustainability

In the medium term - create a well-functioning prototype, prescribe unit Economics, marketing strategy.
In the long term, I want to start production and sign contracts with companies, which will to use my product.

Solution team work

I don't have a team at the moment. But in the future, when implementing this project, I will need people who are
ready to work for the benefit of people's posture :)


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