Virtual peer (working one solution)

Virtual peer (working one solution)

Our challenge, your solutions

Virtual peer - mobile Chat-bot with AI implementaitons

A mobile application will be an organizer and a reminder of activities for students during their day. As a close virtual friend with implementation of AI, the app is able to generate a better productive daily plan depending on their habituations and current moods


Team: virtual peer team

Team members

Konstantin Volodarskii, Thu Huyen Dang, Aalym Zharatov

Members roles and background

Thu Huyen Dang - Idea facilitator (student)

Konstantin Volodarskii - participant 

Aalym Zharatov - participant


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Solution description

A mobile application names “virtual peer” with the slogan “Let’s do it now!” will be an organizer and a reminder of activities for students during their day. It will be created to be a close virtual friend to the students, due to using colloquial language. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, the app should be able to generate a better productive daily plan for each student depending on their habituations and current moods. 

The proposed activities from the app are based on scientific studies as well as common practices from academic advising, psychological counseling and student mentoring 

Solution context

This year because of the pandemic, every universities in Germany and many other universities over the world have to take place online. Learning from home is a big challenge by reason of other personal interests and objectives distractions. 

In the following slides are example of students, who have shared their experiences in online-learning and their daily routine during the pandemic.

They are the reason why this applications idea came up.

It’s difficult for students to organize their daily routine productively and effectively especially during the pandemic. Many activities are not allowed, recommended or available anymore for example: team sports, fitness studios, part time jobs or even meeting with friends. Most of students are not used to that much of free time at home, so they get confused and don’t know how to handle it. How can students keep an overview of their activities? How can they know when it’s best to do what? How to organize a daily routine productively and effectively for their soul, body and career? 

Solution target group

Our main target group are students, but app can also be used by everyone


  1. Organized daily routine
  2. Increased productivity during the day 
  3. Emotional support during pandemic (reason: by lack of human contact)
  4. Have a overview of own activities in a day
  5. Learn more about yourself 

Solution impact

There will be direct impact on:

  1. Working/Studying productivity 
  2. Daily essentials: nutrition,sleeping, hygiene -systematized
    3. More ideas for entertaining

Our measuarments are based on these criterias:

  1. Time: for each activity area 
  2. Mood 
  3. Success (productivity)
  • Mood and success will generally arranged from 0-10 scale and positive/neutral/negative
  • Also phone-usage (apps,screen time,unlocks) will be tracked and categorized 

Solution tweet text


Solution innovativeness

We combine scientific survey, chat bot and daily tracker

Solution transferability

Scientific surveys

Solution sustainability

First of all data should be collected and we can see our app in short term as survey tool for universities/scientific departments.

In mid term we will already have enough data to beginn with AI training and advertising it openly in appstore/playmarket for everyone

In long term AI will be trained so good, that we can extract from database solutions for better productivity or see clear paterns for it

Solution team work

It’s our first time joining Hackathon. At the beginning we were a little bit confused, because we didn’t know how to begin. But with the help of the organization team, we found the idea, which we want to participate. There are so much interesting and creative ideas, which we also want to be part of. But we chose the one we think it is closest to us as students. 

We hope our idea will be useful to everyone and especially to students in time like this.




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