Challenging the foundations of Education

Challenges on this theme

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Brussels - AI in the classroom: European youth showcase
Share knowledge about initiative and objectives, raise awareness on the topic of AI and relevance for the European agenda, spotlight best practice from JA network, co-create next steps
Norwich - Challenging the Foundations of Climate Change Education with Teal Tool
Using the Teal tool for climate data visualisation, participants will explore how can online visualisation of climate data be used for effective climate change awareness raising and education.
Open to all
Vienna - Immersive Training Hackathon
Effective strategy for VR/AR recommendation tool to be used by Universities & Companies
Thessaloniki - Put language learning in the service of a social purpose!
A two day event preceded by an introductory training session- target group is teachers of languages, university students at departmenr of (first and foreign) languages, and ed-tech professionals.
Brussels - How to reduce our paper waste in class?
When we allow creativity and a bit of autonomy, it creates a lot of waste of paper. And even if it's not wasted, the amount of paper used during a week is important. The pupils will have to be creative and find other solutions and help reduce our paper consumption.
This event is full
Obrazovanje 4.0
Our education system is far behind compared to other countries. With everything happening in the world it’s clear that we need more e-opportunities that will make learning easier on students and on the world. Raising awareness about the benefits and drawbacks of digitization is a must - so join our
Test - For demo purpose only
Test - For demo purpose only
Timișoara - Sustainable blended learning processes
Join us and reshape the traditional approach on education towards a hybrid model that meets both cognitive and affective aspects of education thus facing the education system challenges through multiple learning connections in a digital learning environment!
This event is full
Uruguay - Digital education for food, agriculture, and land use ecosystems
Digital education for food, agriculture, and land use ecosystems
Open to all

What will education look like in the future?

The digital transformation and the daily use of technologies is challenging fundamental aspects of education, transforming education models and changing the way we learn, teach and assess.

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Education systems need to adapt to make sure we are prepared to live and work in a fast-changing and increasingly digital world.
What will education look like in the future?

Possible themes for challenges:

  • The new role of teachers
  • Future scenarios
  • New ways of assessing soft and transversal skills (e.g. innovation, creativity, collaboration, etc.)
  • Impact of the digital transformation on education