Emerging Technologies for Education

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Reggio Emilia - EduHackRE
There are many underused digital technologies and tools in education, which could impact future teaching and learning. The challenge will be to improve and develop a virtual assistant that helps to repeat the lesson, to review key concepts, to prepare an exam, which becomes a Study Companion.
Copenhagen - Learning the Future of Urban Mobility
How might we hack the numbness of moving in the city? Can you help urban movers wonder, ask questions, observe, and share with others? With other online participants - or with your locally based team - you are invited to create new ways to learn about sustainable urban mobility.
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Copenhagen - Teaching the future of urban mobility
Come explore the learning challenges of moving in the city with us. Come up with the most original, feasible, mind-disturbing storyboards for new learning experiences. With other educators and professionals, you will meet the city and sustainablility in ways that will propel your imagination!
Conditions apply
Tartu - Technology Use in Education in Crucial Contexts
EdTest Estonia in partnership with Tartu University, Tartu EdTech MA & the Falling Walls Foundation wish to seize the opportunity of giving a platform for the educators to help the education area by putting out answers towards "Technology Use in Education in Crucial Contexts" challenge.
Open to all
Monterrey - DigiEduHack Tec de Monterrey 2021
We will focus on redefining the educational experiences and systems with the use of emerging technology and digital tools, to create a more inclusive, engaging and efective educational processes in the context of virtual and hybrid future in the post-pandemic world.
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Colombo - Future of Education in Sri Lanka- Global Perspective
Industry 4.0 is changing the world we live in. Education can play a major role in preparing societies to embrace Industry 4.0 positively. Our challenge is to find out ways and means on how best Education of the Future ( Education 4.0) can prepare Sri Lankan youth in facing next digital revolution.
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Emerging technologies for holistic learning (Berlin)
Digital education is still happening in a traditional way: Learning focuses on cognitive outcomes, while other aspects – values, emotions and the body – are neglected. Propose a solution for engaging and holistic learning experiences with emerging tech such as wearables, robots, AI, AR/VR.
Open to all
Entebbe - DigiEduHack - a Gamified Learning approach
Effectively engaging students in the classroom within an age of constant technological distraction can often seem like a battle of the brain, How can gamification be effectively used as a teaching tool — and when does it provide benefits in learning outcomes?
Baku - Hack4world
Whether you're completely new to programming or a hackathon veteran, you are welcome to join us in this fun and collaborative invention marathon! During the Hackathon you will be in contact with experienced mentors and other participants , it's a great way to improve your skills !
Open to all

How can emerging digital technologies impact future learning?

We may not see humanoid robots acting as teachers within the next decade, but there are already many projects using computer intelligence to help students and teachers get more out of the educational experience.

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There are many digital technologies and tools that are underexploited in education, which could have an impact on future teaching and learning.

Can we somehow anticipate the impact of emerging digital technologies and tools on future teaching and learning? Are there ethic consequences? How can educators lead the change?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • 3D printing
  • Virtual or augmented reality