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Abuja - Hack the Crisis Nigeria
The Federal Ministry of Education on the 19th of March 2020 approved school closures as a response to the COVID19 Pandemic. The struggle for Digital Edu prior to the Pandemic to keep Nigeria's learners inclusive of approximately global 20% share in out-of-school children numbering ten (10+) million
Open to all
Antarctic Great Wall Station - Test event for demo purposes only
Test for demo purposes
This event is full
Austria - Improve the students' everyday life by leveraging the capabilities of a smartphone (app)
Besides adapting the content to fit the small screens of mobile devices, there are technical capablilties of smartphone devices whose potential is yet to be fully unlocked. You and your team will activelty shape the future of Austria's Education by leveraging those capabilities!
Open to all
Jaffna - DigiEduHack Jaffna 2020
Technology has enabled knowledge sharing and increased access to information in many sectors. However, it has also been the cause of inequalities. The question in front of us is how can technology be used in a positive way to meet the needs of students from low-income families and rural schools?
Open to all
Lima - 28h Desafía tu mente
The challenge this year is framed in a situation of global health and economic crisis due to Covid-19; therefore, we will address the issue of access to education.
Conditions apply
Oslo - Norway Edtech Hackathon
If there is one thing we all know, it is that everyone is different. Much of today's technology is made to fit the "average". But this means that many in need of adaptations not always get access to the service and sometimes limited opportunities to participate...
Open to all
Łódź - Reinventing the digital experience for seniors
Idea of 2020 Łódź hackathon is in line with the prevailing demographic trend that makes the population of the European Union one of the fastest aging societies. How we can help seniors in adaptation to a new digital age? Join us today and change the future.
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How can we reduce the digital divide?

Digital skills and competences are essential for everyone to take part in society. The use of technology can enhance and promote inclusive education.

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Availability and access to digital infrastructures and technologies are becoming increasingly important. Being connected to the Internet is a prerequisite for schools to access up-to-date resources and online learning platforms. Digital skills and competences are essential for everyone to take part in society and contribute to economic and social progress in the digital era. The use of technology can enhance and promote inclusive education.

How can we reduce the digital divide and make sure everybody can access and use digital infrastructures and technologies for teaching and learning?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Minimum equipment
  • Connectivity
  • Hardware and software access and use