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Bochum - WORTWORTWORT: Reinventing Art Digitally
Our goal is to create concepts for bringing art and literature to the digital world with strong cooperation between universities and agencies from the creative industries. Join us, RUB and WORTWORTWORT festival, to find new solutions that can be applied in the art branches!
Open to all
Brussels - Bridging the gap: public-private understanding in urban mobility
Urban mobility challenges can only be overcome if public and private stakeholders engage to the fullest, and cooperate. But objectives and approaches between sectors differ. How can this be overcome?
Open to all
Foligno - Crowddreaming Hackademy Online Challenge
Are you a dreamer? Thanks to the so-called eXtended Reality, today we can produce immersive educational contents that amplify the learning experience, making it more engaging. Tell us your daydream and propose a digital solution to study humanistic subjects!
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Utrecht - Digital Education Hackathon Utrecht 2020
The complexity of the sustainability challenges we face means we require a systemic approach if we are to create the change necessary for the future. Help us to prepare secondary school students for this by means of digital education.
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Rotterdam - Digital Education Hackathon Rotterdam 2020
Help us to foster engaged citizenship in one of the lowest lying cities in the world and help Rotterdam Region to make their watermanagement sustainable while see level rises and city level declines.
Conditions apply
Amsterdam - Digital education hackathon Amsterdam 2020
Help us to integrate big climate innovation (e.g., Amsterdam City Donut 2050 and the Deep Demonstration programme on retrofit of existing housing) into secondary education and help making Amsterdam a thriving, regenerative and inclusive city for all citizens, while respecting planetary boundaries.
Conditions apply

Is your organization promoting a digital first thinking?

The use of digital technologies provides opportunities for innovative curriculum design and delivery, and supports novel assessment practices on all educational levels.

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Digital competence and skills should be promoted at all levels of education and the intended learning outcomes across all disciplines. Educational organizations that integrate, optimise and effectively use digital technologies can better address the needs of 21st century learners, improving learning experiences and outcomes.

Is your organization promoting a digital first thinking and making the best out of the opportunities offered by technologies?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Digital culture
  • Leadership & governance
  • Staff empowerment and training
  • Celebrating and recognizing innovation