Organizational Capability

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How to train staff to adopt a Zero-harm mind-set in high risk environments, such as mining.

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You will explore innovative, creative ways to embed a culture of zero harm in high-risk workplaces by using digital tools and technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality or gamification.

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Which digital skills are needed for companies’ digital transformation?


Identify the skills and attitudes required by the companies to face the digital transformation and design appropriate training programmes to sustain their development.

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Is your organization promoting a digital first thinking?

The use of digital technologies provides opportunities for innovative curriculum design and delivery, and supports novel assessment practices on all educational levels.

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Digital competence and skills should be promoted at all levels of education and the intended learning outcomes across all disciplines. Educational organizations that integrate, optimise and effectively use digital technologies can better address the needs of 21st century learners, improving learning experiences and outcomes.

Is your organization promoting a digital first thinking and making the best out of the opportunities offered by technologies?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Digital culture
  • Leadership & governance
  • Staff empowerment and training
  • Celebrating and recognizing innovation
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