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How can we increase the attractiveness of ICT studies across all ages, genders and ethnicity?

Aalto University main event - Making ICT education accessible for everyone

What can be done to improve the accessibility of ICT education? How can we increase the attractiveness of the ICT studies amongst all people despite of their age, gender or cultural background? What could be the solution that helps to increase the diversity in the ICT sector?

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"Hey machine, what am I?" "You're a human, think about it."

Aalto University main event - How would you shape the future of learning?

How do we make sense of all information online? How can we support understanding of the world, and thus to make informed decisions? How can we improve thinking, like critical thinking, spatial thinking, system thinking or sustainable thinking with a blend of online and actual places?

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How can we foster effective use of digital technologies?

Digital skills and competences are needed by everyone, for active citizenship and for the job market.


Fostering  a confident, effective and safe use of digital technologies is essential for each individual to thrive in the digital era. Basic digital skills such as media literacy, online safety, and critical and responsible use of digital technologies are needed for communication, collaboration and content creation. The ubiquity of digital devices and applications, also requires educators to develop their digital competences.

On the other side, advanced digital skills are increasingly requested by a dynamic and technology based labour market.

How can we foster confident and effective use of digital technologies for individuals?
Basic digital skills - possible themes for challenges:

  • Creative, critical and responsible use of digital technologies
  • Critical thinking
  • Media literacy
  • Online safety

How can new and advanced digital skills be made more attainable?
Advanced digital skills - possible themes for challenges:

  • Computational thinking
  • Programming
  • Cybersecurity skills
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