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How can learning be made more engaging & empowering for modern-day youth at the university?

Nairobi Education Hackathon @ Riara University

Universities continue to be accused of producing graduates that lack skills & competences for work, business & life. However, they continue to teach and assess students using traditional methods. Students feel disengaged / wasted, and employers continue to be frustrated. How can we change all this?

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How can digital tools help improve the acceptability of renewable energy technologies in Finland?

Aalto University main event - New digital tools for the acceptance of renewable energy technologies

This challenge aims at identifying new digital solutions and tools to overcome the problem of local resistance to renewable energy projects in Finland. The tools developed can be virtual lectures, e-learning courses, educational games, portals with educational resources etc.

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Be part of the educational innovation!

Tallinn - Redesigning the learning experience

In order to change something, you have to start doing something. And preferably differently. We invite students to come up with ideas, how to redesign the learning experience in schools. Together with educational startups and social enterprises we would like to come up with exiting solutions.

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With the MakerBuzz, we will drive through Luxembourg from fall 2019 onwards. Join the movement...

Luxembourg - DigiEduHack Luxembourg

There are many workshops out there that help promote STEAM to almost all age levels. Help us with your creativity, knowledge and dynamism to identify, improve and define the most breathtaking and motivating workshops.

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How can digital tools improve the learning experience?

Digital tools and practices can enhance the learning experience for both individuals and groups of people.

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The individual learning experience can be made more authentic and better connected to the real-world with a learner-centered approach using digital technologies. On the other side, digital means can strengthen community engagement, interaction and exchange and enhance the culture of sharing.

How can digital tools improve the individual learning experience?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Personalized learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Active learning

How can digital tools strengthen community engagement?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Peer learning
  • Peer assessment
  • Online collaboration
  • (Social) networks
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