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Lisbon - Hack The Food System
Hacking digital education to support the food entrepreneurship and innovation. The Lisbon DigiEduHack will identify innovative entrepreneurial approaches and educational methods to foster the creation of food entrepreneurs and innovation on the food system.
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Padua - Digital Learning Innovation
Analyze and define the most efficient methods and technologies to innovate Digital Learning. Topics addressed by the challenges are: 1. Innovative tools and ideas for Digital High Education Learning; 2. Innovative & Digital Lifelong Learning
Open to all
Vancouver - Innovate to Educate
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Georgia - Educational Games Hackathon
As rapidly evolving technological games are already widely integrated in the traditional educational process and can help enhance distance learning to achieve better learning outcomes, especially in the light of COVID-19.find out How digital tools, gaming can strengthen community engagement
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Prague - Sharing good practice and inspiration for better education
Do you want to support the community around schools and mutual learning and know-how sharing for educators? Join DigiEduHack and find a solution that will help teachers inspire each other and respond to emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 crisis.
Open to all
Mainz - Mainz Hackathon
Digital learning is completely different from on-site learning. There is no personal contact, no direct exchange between students and teachers, but also within the various action groups. But digital learning also has advantages; you can learn at your own pace and rhythm. So how can digital teaching
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Joensuu - Susirajan ponnistus
The challenge is to plan Immersive Learning Experiences in the primary school context. We will use LEGO Spike technology for possible programming and building.
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Lappeenranta - Digital Twins & Raw material sustainability - Global better future for next generations
Want to show our industry company partners, that they do not know everything? Topics like digital twins, sensors & data & mining sector, games for industry, sustainable industrial production, professional simulations? We have it all, but seats are with limits!
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Kingston upon Hull - Removing Barriers to Learning: Student Led EduHack
If you find learning at school hard and struggle in lessons there is always a way to make learning more accessible for you. What can teachers change to become better? What have you seen that works well? How would you like to learn? What should a perfect lesson feel like? Where can technology fit in?
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How can digital tools improve the learning experience?

Digital tools and practices can enhance the learning experience for both individuals and groups of people.

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The individual learning experience can be made more authentic and better connected to the real-world with a learner-centered approach using digital technologies. On the other side, digital means can strengthen community engagement, interaction and exchange and enhance the culture of sharing.

How can digital tools improve the individual learning experience?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Personalized learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Active learning

How can digital tools strengthen community engagement?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Peer learning
  • Peer assessment
  • Online collaboration
  • (Social) networks