Challenging the foundations of Education

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Pitești - Bachelor Simulation in National Colege ALEXANDRU ODOBESCU
Propuneri de îmbunătățire a organizării examenului de bacalaureat 2021
Conditions apply
Berlin - #SemesterHack 2.0 (in German & English)
#SemesterHack 2.0 brings the successful German pilot hackathon #SemesterHack to the international stage, granting access to new audiences and participants who can come together, collaborate and find solutions that provide a way forward for higher education institutions in uncertain times.
Open to all
Menen - Making an educational STEM-game to improve digital learning
Students (12-13 years old) will be asked to design an educational game. The game should help the students to improve their digital learning. Teachers should be able to add questions from their subject in to the game, so it becomes an educational game that can be used to improve digital learning.
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Berlin - Building a transformative learning culture
How does a true learning organisation leverage digital tools to foster a culture of learning? Help us to design concepts and solutions to enable building and nurturing a transformative learning culture in a distributed organisation.
Open to all
Dublin - 2020 DigiEduHack - Dublin
In this challenge, you will explore technology-led solutions that allow every learner to maximise their learning potential.
This event is full
Eskişehir - digieduhackAnadolu
DigiEduhack Anadolu aims to develop innovative, smart, and seamless design models that will solve the problems in higher education after Covid-19 with digital technologies and innovative pedagogies.
Conditions apply
Palestine - DigiEduHack 2020
Learning Management Systems are offering a plethora of resources to support online learning. Although digital transformation of the learning experience is moving at a staggering pace, e-learning can still benefit from enhanced collaboration, personalisation and adaptive content/tools.
Conditions apply

What will education look like in the future?

The digital transformation and the daily use of technologies is challenging fundamental aspects of education, transforming education models and changing the way we learn, teach and assess.

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Education systems need to adapt to make sure we are prepared to live and work in a fast-changing and increasingly digital world.
What will education look like in the future?

Possible themes for challenges:

  • The new role of teachers
  • Future scenarios
  • New ways of assessing soft and transversal skills (e.g. innovation, creativity, collaboration, etc.)
  • Impact of the digital transformation on education