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Enhance the learning experience of learners using on-campus location services.

Ghent - Hack4Edu @ArteveldehsGent

Not only do students expect to be serviced based on all available context, a lot of that context is also interesting for the institution to improve their setup (e.g. usage of specific learning spaces). We invite you to come up with ways to use location data to improve the experience for end users .

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How do we connect all the research that is carried out in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh DigiEduHack

In an increasingly complex society, interdisciplinarity and collaboration becomes essential. Therefore, creating more opportunities for early career researchers to network with others with similar research interests can help foster a culture of collaboration within and without the University

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Join forces with us to imagine carbon-free students' mobilities and networking across Europe

Aalto University main event - Design the future of carbon-free Erasmus

Your challenge will be to find new ways to transform the students’ education experience, through distributed or remote interactive courses, pan-European collaboration on joint projects or challenges and more... leveraging a network of universities and digital tools.

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How can you help other students succeed in a digital world?

Colombo - Making Learning Efficient

To identify and connect with the person who can offer the best help in a given scenario is a big challenge for any student. It could be a teacher, but in many cases the go to person is one of the students's peers. How can we improve this situation?

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How can we make learning design innovative, effective and fun?

In teaching, learning and assessment, digital technologies can offer innovative, purposeful and effective ways of engaging both teachers and students.

learning spaces square.jpg

The need for innovative learning design and delivery is constantly growing to increase and improve student motivation and learning outcomes.

How can we make learning design innovative, effective and fun?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Co-creation of learning material (e.g. Open Educational Resources)
  • Digital games
  • Online delivery of content (MOOCs, e-learning modules, etc.)
  • Asynchronous online learning activities (e.g. discussion forums, wikis etc.)
  • Synchronous online learning activities (e.g. real-time virtual classrooms/seminars etc.)
  • Digital assessment
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