Emerging Technologies for Education

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Are you interested in finding new ways to educate companies to think circular?

Leuven - Leuven EduHack

How to embed a culture of zero-harm towards the environment in companies, or how do we increase circular economy thinking in companies towards more environment-friendly design and production, more efficient use of raw materials,..…

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In what ways can digital technologies help us make university education better?

Saint Petersburg - ITMO EduHack

We believe that the quality of education is the number one priority for any educational institution. We offer the participants the possibility to develop educational innovations that could help make the learning process at ITMO University more active, meaningful, and efficient.

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Can you help us develop ways of using digital education to engage young people more with food?

Belfast - How do we use digital education to engage the next generation of food consumers?

We want food and computer science students, along with mentors from education, academia and industry, to combine their knowledge and area of expertise to develop a concept for a digital education solution to engage young people with food.

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How can we integrate AR into a classroom to make learning fun and engaging?

Edinburgh DigiEduHack

Technologies are opening up the realm of what is possible within the educational space. Augmented Reality (AR) technologies promise to help make classroom activities more enriching, interactive and fun for the students.

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"Hey machine, what am I?" "You're a human, think about it."

Aalto University main event - How would you shape the future of learning?

How do we make sense of all information online? How can we support understanding of the world, and thus to make informed decisions? How can we improve thinking, like critical thinking, spatial thinking, system thinking or sustainable thinking with a blend of online and actual places?

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How can emerging digital technologies impact future learning?

We may not see humanoid robots acting as teachers within the next decade, but there are already many projects using computer intelligence to help students and teachers get more out of the educational experience.

emerging square.jpg

There are many digital technologies and tools that are underexploited in education, which could have an impact on future teaching and learning.

Can we somehow anticipate the impact of emerging digital technologies and tools on future teaching and learning? Are there ethic consequences? How can educators lead the change?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • 3D printing
  • Virtual or augmented reality
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