Emerging Technologies for Education

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Are You Ready for the VoiceBOT Challenge?
Reggio Emilia - DigiEduHack Reggio Emilia 2020
There are many underused digital technologies and tools in education, which could impact future teaching and learning. The challenge will be to develop a virtual assistant that helps to repeat the lesson, to review key concepts, to prepare an exam, which becomes a Study Companion.
How can robots help us innovate higher education?
Berlin - Robots in Education
Design ground-breaking scenarios for applying robots in higher education to address some of the burning problems we have nowdays!
Open to all
How might we reimagine higher education in the post-pandemic world using emerging technology?
Mexico - Tec de Monterrey DigiEduHack Edition
In this challenge you will work to create innovative solutions to re-imagine the education using emerging technology! You will be solving pressing issues in the education today, facing the post-pandemic world and the new normal, developing a sustainable and scalable model for the innovative id
Conditions apply
How to make best use of AI for learning new skills, attitudes, values or new kinds of thinking?
Espoo - Learning with AI
Sign up to the Learning with AI challenge! How to make best use of AI for learning new skills, attitudes, values or new kinds if thinking? Possible AI solutions could be chatbots, recommendation systems or something completely different, you tell us!
Develop a complex virtual geological exploration field trip!
Miskolc - Solutions for a virtual geological exploration field trip or short internship
Organise a virtual exploration geology field trip that is available to any student from any countries. Use complex methods to make the most of your field trip!
Open to all
Design an innovative learning experience or add-ons and interactions with e.DO Cube
Turin - Improving the learning experience through Robotics
Do you want to improve the learning experience of next generation of students? Create an innovative educational solution or an incredible add-on for the robot with our e.DO Cube.
Open to all
Future Campus, how to change the education in a evolution way
Eindhoven - EduHorizon
The corona crisis has given us more and new insights in the possibilities of digital education. On the flip side, we also learned a lot about the restrictions and short comings of digital education. So what will be the education of the future ?

How can emerging digital technologies impact future learning?

We may not see humanoid robots acting as teachers within the next decade, but there are already many projects using computer intelligence to help students and teachers get more out of the educational experience.

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There are many digital technologies and tools that are underexploited in education, which could have an impact on future teaching and learning.

Can we somehow anticipate the impact of emerging digital technologies and tools on future teaching and learning? Are there ethic consequences? How can educators lead the change?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • 3D printing
  • Virtual or augmented reality