Colombo - Making Learning Efficient - DigiEduHack 2019

Colombo - Making Learning Efficient

Join us on 03 October 2019





Co-create the future of education together with us!

Schools are slowly starting to look at technology as an opportunity to develop teaching methods and resonate with students on a technology level. Regardless of age, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Google is our library, and Wikipedia is our encyclopedia. Thesaurus is our dictionary, and Kindle is our textbook. At a time like this, learning to change our teaching methods by incorporating technology is the only way to bring light to the lives of our students. What are schools doing in order to bring about this change?

Join the DigiEduHack in Colombo

This is your opportunity to become a solver of tomorrow's problems. Choose one of the several challenges we have identified and create proposal(s) to solve one or more problems. Please submit your own details and those of your team members collaborating around your proposed solution.


Teachers or educators



Education professionals


Join us on 03 October 2019

These are the exciting challenges that you can solve.

These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

How can we predict student performance to give customised feedback?

Predict performance of students by analyzing historical and current data derived from learners, in order to create models that allow for predictions that improve the learning environment.

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How we can improve the sharing of individual learning units?

What digital tools would help us get better in sharing learning units, such as interesting lab results and experiments, filmed study visits, interesting high-level advanced simulations etc, between teachers, towards and between students, over university boundaries and internationally?

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How can you help other students succeed in a digital world?

To identify and connect with the person who can offer the best help in a given scenario is a big challenge for any student. It could be a teacher, but in many cases the go to person is one of the students's peers. How can we improve this situation?

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Closer to the event, we will publish the schedule for the 24 hour long DigiEduHack.


Here we will soon announce the prizes that you can win in our local DigiEduHack event. After the event, there will be a final global award contest where the best teams have the chance to win 5000 euros each.

Mentors, Experts & Jury

Here we will soon present our amazing mentors, experts and jury.


Open University of Sri Lanka


Nawala, Nugegoda
LK10250 - Nawala

How to get there

By train: Open University of Sri Lanka is right next to Kirulapona Railway Station.

By bus: Take Bus no 176 (Kotahena Nugegoda or Kotahena - Dehiwala) and get down at the Open University

On foot/bike: Entranace 1 is at Nawala Road, Entrance 2 at Narahenpita Road and Entrance 3 at D.M. Colombage Mw

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