Colombo - Making Learning Efficient - DigiEduHack 2019

Colombo - Making Learning Efficient

Join us on 03 October 2019





These are the exciting challenges that you can solve.

These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

How can we predict student performance to give customised feedback?

Predict performance of students by analyzing historical and current data derived from learners, in order to create models that allow for predictions that improve the learning environment.

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How we can improve the sharing of individual learning units?

What digital tools would help us get better in sharing learning units, such as interesting lab results and experiments, filmed study visits, interesting high-level advanced simulations etc, between teachers, towards and between students, over university boundaries and internationally?

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How can you help other students succeed in a digital world?

To identify and connect with the person who can offer the best help in a given scenario is a big challenge for any student. It could be a teacher, but in many cases the go to person is one of the students's peers. How can we improve this situation?

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