Delft - Teaching Lab - DigiEduHack 2019

Delft - Teaching Lab

Join us on 03 October 2019




We offer the following challenges to the participants!

Serious games are excellent tools for education, but how to create them easily and quick?

Making a good serious game costs time and skill. To give games a better place in education, easier tools are needed for teachers. How should such a tool look like? You know Kahoot on the one hand and Unity on the other hand. Fill the gap between those two!

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How can we ensure individual students pass all learning goals in group work?

Collaboration and peer-learning is helpful for students working in projects. However they often divide tasks and don't learn all the necessary content. Even individual assignments are a challenge as answers can be shared easily e.g. via social media. How to ensure students learns what is required?

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Neurodiverse students have a superpower in detecting poorly organised courses. Let’s use this!

How can universities find out which courses suffer from poor organisation and which lecturer needs extra support? Neurodiverse students are a great detector in finding these courses as they struggle the most. Can we use this fact to improve course organisation?

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Help us find solutions which enable students to decide what they need on information literacy.

Students differ in needs and knowledge levels when it comes to information literacy. Therefore it's important to provide students the opportunity to choose their own path in what they learn and on which level they want to master this. But how do you choose if you don't know how it brings value?

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How can we track teamperformance of student teams, including the input of both students and coaches?

When students work in teams this not always is without friction. As a team of coaches we want to track the team dynamics performance of our student teams. We need help in tracking the teams’ performance and act immediately when needed.

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