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Groningen - DigiEduHack

Join us on 03 October 2019



Groningen DigiEduHack

Together with the University of Groningen and EIT InnoEnergy, New Energy Coalition is organising the Groningen DigiEduHack on 3 and 4 October 2019! During 24 hours, several interdisciplinary teams will be challenged to come up with a solution for one of the five different challenges. They are all about: energy, IT and education. Experts and mentors will support the teams during the 24 hours in finding the best solutions to the challenges. The best team will get the opportunity to join the global DigiEduHack award contest and win €5000,-!

Join the DigiEduHack in Groningen

This is your opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team, in a beautiful building and come up with solutions to help the energy transition! Choose one of the challenges that suits you the best, get inspired by your team mates and the interactive programme and be part of the global transition!


Teachers or educators



Education professionals


Energy and Digital Education

These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

An online course on energy transition

We challenge you to develop an outline of an online course on energy transition that is appealing to energy professionals. Use all your creativity and the newest insights (such as adaptive learning, gamification, interactivity) while keeping an eye on the costs and administrative hassle.

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Primary energy education

We challenge you to develop online educational materials on energy, targeted at pupils aged 4, 5, and 6. We invite you to develop both the outline of a learning module on energy, and the necessary teaching materials.

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A matchmaking tool for primary energy education

We challenge you to develop an online tool to retrieve energy teaching materials, categorising the content to various primary school levels, helping teachers find the topic of their interest, and rating the quality of the materials.

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An online marketplace for peer-to-peer energy consultancy

We challenge you to develop an online marketplace where individuals can find advice and consultancy on issues regarding energy transition applied to their own personal life and living environment.

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Below you will find an outline of the schedule, keep in mind this it the preliminary version and is subject to change.

03 October 08:45


03 October 09:00

Welcome session

03 October 09:15

Introduction of the challenges

03 October 10:00

Team introduction

03 October 10:30

Workshop: Ideation by Jibran El Bazi

03 October 10:30

Workshop: Online education by Tom Spits (For Challenge EDI)

03 October 11:30


03 October 12:30

Workshop: Advanced Programming for Databases by Andrey Tsyganov

03 October 14:00

Lecture: Accelerating energy startups by Andrii Degeler

Experience from Rockstart and beyond

03 October 15:00

Lecture: Digital Education by Ana Ranitovic

03 October 17:30


03 October 18:30

Workshop: Mindfulness by Marina Nedospasova

03 October 19:15

Lecture: Introduction into design thinking by Sheina Krasnopolsky

03 October 20:30

Workshop: Pitch training by Robert van der Meer

03 October 23:00

Midnight energizing activity by Marina Nedospasova

04 October 02:00

Energiser selection menu

04 October 04:30

Morning walk

04 October 05:00


04 October 06:45

Pitching for the panel

04 October 07:45

Voting by the Jury members

04 October 08:15

End ceremony

04 October 09:00

End Hackthon


The winning team of the Groningen - Energy DigiEduHack 2019 edition will be rewarded with an evening of dinner, drinks and jeu de boule at BOEL (Groningen)! Put your eyes on the prize and who knows if you'll be able to continue the team spirits in a work and play environment.

Coaches, Experts & Jury

Our DigiEduHack will be supported by a couple of amazing mentors and experts, ranging from industry professionals to energy academia.


Jeroen Rekker

He designs processes for pension administration and creatively helps entrepeneurs with social media and marketing

Creative Thinker at TKP and freelancer at Bravetoday


Maddalena Munari

She develops online and offline marketing campaigns about “Target Field-Lab Mining Big Data” and optimizes public relations with journalists, investors and customers.

Communication Officer & Event Manager - Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of University of Groningen


Tom Spits

Since joining the university in 2014, he has co-designed 20 Massive Open Online Courses and 15 online campus courses.

Online learning design specialist and MOOC coordinator at the University of Groningen


Jibran el Bazi

Keen Insight offers advice for and implementation of business process analysis, optimization, automation and monitoring.

Founder of Keen Insight


Ana Ranitovic

Ana holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Oxford and has studied and taught in over 10 education systems.

CEO and co-founder of edtech startup Campster


Andrii Degeler

Over the past 10 years, he's written for Engadget, The Next Web, Ars Technica UK, and more, and led the brand and community team at the Rockstart accelerator in Amsterdam.

Tech journalist and podcast host covering the entrepreneurial ecosystem for


Marina Nedospasova

Having lived in many countries, with professions from bus dev, HR, marketeer, to bulletproof vests production, she’s noticed that succes can only be achieved when in balance"

Freelance yoga teacher


Robert van der Meer

Robert has helped hundreds of students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals confidently deliver their best pitch. He's excited to help you deliver yours!

Owner and trainer at Meer & Meer


Ioannis Katramados

Ioannis holds a PhD in real-time computer vision and machine learning.

Lector data science at NHL Stenden and founder of AI company COSMONiO

Victor Stoica


Business Development Manager – University of Groningen

Andrey Tsyganov

Workshop & Coach

IT & Computer Science - University of Groningen

Sheina Krasnopolsky

Workshop & Coach

Senior Designer at Catawiki

Semme Molenaar


Setting up technology-based companies


Thijs Broekhuizen

Interested in how firms can respond effectively to disruptive and digital challenges.

Associate Professor Innovation Management at the University of Groningen


Viktoriya Degeler

She likes to bring AI into decision making of smart systems on all scales from a smart home to a smart city to a smart critical infrastructure or a transportation network.

Assistant Professor in Distributed systems at the University of Groningen

Valery Gantchev


Researcher RuG & Legal hacker at Catawiki


Energy Academy Europe


Nijenborgh 6
NL 9747 AG - Groningen

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