Aalto Main Event - New tech, models and applications for future learning - DigiEduHack 2019

Aalto Main Event - New tech, models and applications for future learning

Join us on 03 October 2019


The future of learning - think like a human

We live now in the era of online information. We empower AI to serve us recommendations of what to look next and robotics to do skilled work. What makes us humans unique and different from AI and robots? What kinds of thinking do we want to outsource to AI and what to do ourselves? This is crucial challenge as universities around the world are transforming their education offerings to match the the future of learning. What kind of learning experience designs can you envision?

Join the DigiEduHack at Aalto University

Are you a student, innovator, educator or developer or all of them? Join the challenge, meet new friends and shape human future of learning!


Teachers or educators


Education professionals



Join us on 03 October 2019


We are looking for an exciting blend of novel online learning tooling and use of learning spaces - we challenge you to help us design learning experiences that truly help learners. The range is free, from augmented or virtual reality to interactive videos or AI-based exercises and more.

"Hey machine, what am I?" "You're a human, think about it."

How do we make sense of all information online? How can we support understanding of the world, and thus to make informed decisions? How can we improve thinking, like critical thinking, spatial thinking, system thinking, imagination or sustainable thinking with a blend of online and actual places?

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DigiEduHack event lasts for 24 hours, filled with exciting challenges to solve and lots of fun and exciting program. We are following the agenda of the DigiEduHack main event - to check out the full agenda, please visit: https://digieduhack.com/en/digieduhack-main-event-2019


The winning team(s) will get a spot to present their solution(s) at the Learning@Aalto Gala 2019 at Aalto University on December 18th, 2019.
- 1000€ cash prize for the winning team.
- 1 ECTS point for Aalto University students.
- The best team can win 5000€ in the final global award contest.

Mentors and Experts

Our DigiEduHack will be supported by amazing mentors and experts.


Tomi Kauppinen

Host / Jury member / Mentor

Aalto University / Aalto Online Learning Project Leader


Isabell Fries


Masters student at Copenhagen Business School & University of Cambridge / Speaker at FutureSkills


Andrea Bandoni


Aalto University / Designer in Residence


Sara Gottschalk


Aalto University / Designer


Silva Saulio


Aalto University / Aalto Online Learning Project Employee


Anna Pallonen


Aalto University / Aalto Online Learning Research Assistant


Margarita Mishinova


Aalto University / Teaching Assistant at Aalto Ventures Program


Harald Herlin Learning Centre


Otaniementie 9, Espoo, Finland
FI02150 - Espoo