Customise your comm!

DigiEduHack Host Studio: your comm customised!

You need some help for your DigiEduHack event? We're here for you!

DigiEduHack / Central team, 25.06.2020 , DigiEduHack

You would like to use customised communication material for recruiting participants and promoting your event? The Host Studio is here for you!

The Host Studio is a free service offered to all the registered DigiEduHack hosts. The service provides deep-level customisation  possibilities on all the assets aiming at recruiting participants and promoting local DigiEduHack events. Because we know that you are unique!

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Who can use the Host Studio?

The Host studio is open to all registered hosts. It offers deep-level customisation possibilities on all the existing assets used for recruiting participants or promoting the DigiEduhack 2020 events. You can find these existing assets here for the video and here for the images. 

Hosts can also submit  to the Host Studio special creation requests that would address local, specific communication needs. These requests are evaluated by the central team and their production depends on the feasability of the project and the scalability of the produced assets to other hosts. 


The "can do" and "can't do" of the Host Studio

Examples of what can be done through the host studio:

- adding your logo to the video / images
- adding translated text the video / images (we will ask us to provide the translations)
- adding specific practical info related to your challenge
- adding your challenge name

Examples of what cannot be done through the host studio:

- removing the existing logos from the assests 
- changing the colors used in the assets
- changing the music of the video 
- adding footage to the existing video 
- changing the model used in the visuals 
- replacing footage in the video


Submit your request by filling the Host Studio form!