Support and resources for hosts: the overview

Support and resources for hosts: the overview

All the DigiEduHack support for hosts at one glance!


All the support+resources provided by the central team to the DigiEduhack 2020 hosts, at one glance. 

For this year's edition of DigiEduHack, the central team has put together plenty of resources and initiatives to support all the 2020 hosts in their journey. There is actually so much that we decided to list them all in one place, so you can pick, choose and follow your inspiration. 

Slack board

This is DigiEduHack village place, where all hosts meet, discuss, share documents and experiences, help each other. All the important announcements are posted on the board. After each community event, the discussion continues on the Slack board in a dedicated channel. This board is open for all our registered hosts. Contact us if you're a registered host and don't have yet access to the Slack board.

Host line

Hosts can book a 1-to-1 appointment with the central team and go through specific questions and issues.
More about the host line here.

Workshops for hosts

The host workshops are hands-on online events each addressing a single, very practical theme or issue: challenge building, participant recruitment, participant engagement, communication strategy,... These workshops are not recorded and accommodate a limited number of participants (around 15 per session). Depending on the needs and requests, there can be several workshops organised on the same topic in order to meet the demand. The workshops announcements are posted in the #general channel of the Slack board.

Community events

You can find the list of community events here. The community events are made to inspire hosts and future hosts, participants and future participants. These events are featuring renown experts discussing a topic related to digital education. Community events are free and open to everyone after registration. They are mostly advertised on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds. All the community events are recorded and made available on our Youtube page and as a transcript in the Insight part of this website.



The webinars are linear live events featuring an expert focusing on a single topic and include a chat session at the end of the event. The webinars are made to tackle very specifically, practical issues that hosts may encounter, such as building an impactful and engaging challenge.
The webinars are recorded+transcripted and can be found here.


Open Screen sessions

The Opens Screen sessions happen every Thursday at 13:00 CEST on Zoom. The access link is posted in the #general channel of the Slack board 4 hours prior to the session. As their name suggests, these sessions are a moment where all hosts are invited to share and talk about their success and issues. Some session might have a broad theme, some are totally open and their content is shaped by the participants themselves. The sessions are hosted by a member of the central team or an expert.  The open screen sessions are not recorded.



Host studio

We help hosts to customise their DigiEduHack communication assets and message. This service is free. Read more about it here.  

Tool list

We have an extensive tool list featuring free/freemium resources that you can use to run your DigiEduHack event, whether you do it online or offline.