Who can host?

DigiEduHack is an inclusive event, open to a wide range of hosts from schools to universities, libraries, institutions, education associations, edutech start-ups, companies, NGOs, ...

Main DigiEduHack hosts

Education organisations
Companies and start-ups


Whether you are representing a library, a university, an edutech start-up company, or another stakeholder, there are specific requirements for hosting a DigiEduHack event

What will you need for organising?

  • a "core crew" that is responsible for organising the event: a project manager, a communication manager and a consultant/mentor
  • an event day crew: facilitators, mentors, volunteers, photo/videographer (if offline event) and an editor
  • for an offline event: an enough equipped venue, snack and beverages, stationary supplies
  • for an online event: a centralised platform to communicate with your participants
  • participants (ok, this one is a bit obvious :) 
  • you might need a dedicated budget to run your event in the best possible conditions
  • local prizes and local awards


For hosts
  • Register
  • Check the themes, start planning your event, get access to our host-dedicated resources  
  • Start crafting your challenge: follow our free challenge building online course
  • Use our online tools to build your event page on the DigiEduHack website
  • Your event is open. Now get participants on board! (we have tons of tools and insights to help you!) 
For participants
  • Find a challenge that suits you and join!   
  • No team no worry: you will find teammates in the DigiEduHack community 
  • Give your best on the 12-13 November 2020, online or offline
After the hackathons
  • Each local host chooses a winning solution
  • All the local winning solutions are submitted to the DigiEduHack steering group
  • The DigiEduHack steering group chooses 10 finalist solutions
  • The 10 finalist solutions are submitted to a public vote
  • 3 winning solutions are designated, each get a DIgiEduHack Global Award and 5000€ for further development/implementation

Need more info?

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