Prague - Sharing good practice and inspiration for better education - DigiEduHack 2020

Prague - Sharing good practice and inspiration for better education




Sdílení pro lepší vzdělávání/Sharing for Better Education

Do you want to help educators find inspiration and good practice in education? Do you want to support the community around the school and mutual learning and sharing of know-how for educators? Join DigiEduHack and find a solution that will help teachers inspire each other and respond to emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 crisis. At the end of the hackaton there will be a presentation to jury from public, private and non-profit organizations, who will select one winning project as a representative to the global round of DigiEduHackaton. Three global winners will get 5000 EUR!

Join us online on 9-10 Nov 2021
And team up to solve our challenge:

#49 / Sharing for better education

Do you want to help educators find inspiration and good practice? Do you want to support the community around schools and mutual learning and know-how sharing for educators? Join DigiEduHack and find a solution that will help teachers inspire each other and respond to emergencies.

Who can join?


Teachers or educators



Education professionals


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You can get in touch with us: scroll up, click on the contact tab, drop us a line!


All times indicated are in the event local timezone

THURSDAY 11/12/2020 from 6:00 p.m. - Introductory session, practical information - FRIDAY 11/13/2020 all day - work, consultations with mentors, breaks for physical activity, presentation of solutions, award ceremony


The local jury will select one winning project as a representative to the global round of DigiEduHack. Interesting prizes will be prepared for the winners. Three global winners will be awarded EUR 5000 for develpment of their idea.

Mentors & Jury

The DigiEduHack will be supported by these amazing mentors and jury!

Eva Pavlíková.jpg

Eva Pavlíková


Value-Based Leader | COO in Česko.Digital

Jitka Kunčarová.jpg

Jitka Kunčarová


Educator & Innovator


Petr Naske


National project leader & Teacher & Innovator

Ondřej neumajer.jpg

Ondřej Neumajer


Digital Education Expert

Daniel Pražák.jpg

Daniel Pražák


Educator & Innovator


Dan Lessner


Chair of Jednota školských informatiků

Jiří Vaníček.jpg

Jiří Vaníček


Informatics Teacher at Education Faculty & Innovator


Zbyněk Filipi


Informatics Teacher at Education Faculty & Innovator

Robin Weiss.jpg

Robin Weiss


IT expert, tester, UX, web designer

Stanislav Volčík.jpeg

Stanislav Volčík


Education Specialist at the Ministry of Education

1. Preliminary statement


Welcome to DigiEduHack. This set of rules is a body of principles governing DigiEduHack as a whole.
Each DigiEduHack challenge might have additional and/or specific rules.


DigiEduHack is a hackathon that encourages collaboration, co-creation and real-life change. Even if in the end three teams will be crowned as global winners and will get 5000€ each, any solution uploaded on can potentially have an impact on digital education. This reflects the spirit of DigiEduHack: you take part in this hackathon because you and your team members want to take action and contribute to solving an actual challenge.


DigiEduHack is free, accessible, inclusive and sustainable. Please keep in mind these values when entering and taking part in a DigiEduHack challenge. Participants are expected to behave according to these values.

Do not shame, mock, attack, despise or hurt other participants.
Do support other teams, respect the differences, encourage, help and include others.

Be positive and remember to have fun: DigiEduHack is fist and foremost a great experience where you are going to meet fantastic people, get new cool skills, grow your network.


Last but not least: in case of doubt, please contact either the owner of the challenge or the DigiEduHack central team

2. Rules


Prior to joining Digieduhack, you as a participant should pick a challenge. Most of the challenges have an open recruitment; some challenges have a conditional recruitment (be a student part of the challenge owner's institution for example). You can see the status of a challenge by checking its label on the "2020 events" page and on the "2020 challenges" page.


As a participant, you can only join/take part in one DigiEduHack challenge in 2020. You can join alone, or take part as a team. If you tale pat as a team, each team members should sign up for the challenge individually. The size of the teams is decided by each challenge owner. This size may vary from one challenge to another. The composition of a team is decided by the local challenge owners. Please refer to the documentation specific to the challenge you wish to join. In case of doubt, please contact the challenge owner.


As a participant you are expected to take part in all/most of the activities organised by the challenge owner on the 12-13 November 2020. Challenge owners can decide to make some or all activities mandatory, either before, during or after their DigiEduHack event. Please refer to the planning of the challenge you joined for further info.


Your solution should be co-created and finalised during the DigiEduHack event you're taking part in. It's allowed to join with draft ideas, frameworks, ideas and concepts. It's not allowed to join with a ready-made, ready-to-be-rolled-out solution. You can get inspiration from existing solution but plagiarism, copy and/or any other form of treachery or deception are totally forbidden. You can use open source resources if you clearly attribute the sampled part(s) to their original creator(s) and if the sampled part(s) is a minor component of your solution.


DigiEduHack is a multilevel hackathon where each challenge owner chooses one winning solution and might choose one or several runner-ups. Each challenge owner has their own judging grid to assess submitted solutions: please contact your challenge owner for more details. All the winning solutions (NOT the runner-ups) enter the global competition where the DigiEduHack steering group chooses 10 to 12 finalists based on the criteria available here. These 10 to 12 finalist solutions are uploaded on the United Nations' Unite Ideas platform to be submitted to a public vote. The three solutions that gather the most votes are declared global winners and their teams are awarded 5000€ each.


At the end of the event you are taking part in, follow and respect your challenge owner's instructions on when to stop working on your solution and on where, how and when your solution will be assessed: pay especially attention to mandatory pitching/demo sessions and upload requirements. You had no time to finish? No worries: notify it during your pitch/demo/upload in the description of your project.  All the solutions created during DigiEduHack 2020 should be uploaded on Solutions uploaded to are made public under the DigiEduHack intellectual property guidelines.


Only ONE team member should upload the team's solution on, and only ONE solution per team should be uploaded. A team can only upload a solution for a challenge they are registered for and actually took part in. Before starting the upload process, please check the solution upload guidelines. To upload your solution login, go to "upload your solution" and follow the steps.


Participants or teams can be disqualified and excluded from DigiEdUhack for breaking one of the aforementioned rules/preliminary statements. If a single participant in a team breaks a rule, the participant will be excluded from their team and from DigiEduHack. The rest of the team can keep taking part in DigiEduHack. If a team as a whole breaks a rule, they will be excluded from DigiEduHack. Each challenge owner decides in full discretion on exclusions for their own event. The DigiEduHack central team decides in full discretion on exclusions for the global competition. Exclusions are definitive. Solutions that break the rules described in 2.4 will be disqualified. If a winning solution is disqualified, the challenge owner will organise a second deliberation and annouce a new winner. If a finalist solution or a global winning solution is disqualified, the Steering group as a whole or in a smaller quorum will assess a new finalist solution and a new public vote will take place.



Frequently asked questions

DigiEduHack is a global movement focused on addressing the most challenging challenges of digital education facing organizations today. It consists of a number of local hackathons taking place from 12 to 13 November 2020 throughout Europe and beyond. (Hackathon is a combination of the English word hacker and marathon. The goal is to solve problems in a new way using available technologies and tools in combination with the skills of members of the research team.)

The goal is to get different actors to one (online) table and together create something useful for the development of digital education.

DigiEduHack takes place online in the Czech Republic (mainly via the Zoom and Slack platforms).

All information about the call is available on this website in English.

But we also share them in Czech on the DigiKoalice website:  and the community in Slack (join here:  ) 

If you have any further questions, you can also contact

It's easy, just fill in the form on this website:

We accept applications until November 6, 2020.

Anyone who is older than 15 years old can join DigiEduHack. It is possible to get involved as a team or as an individual. Individuals will be divided into teams on Thursday, November 12, 2020 in the afternoon in the intro-session.

Knowledge of coding and IT is definitely not a prerequisite, but it is useful :-).

We are also looking for teachers, principals, other staff in education and people active in education or public administration with good ideas.

The team should have 2 - 5 people. We recommend that the team has at least 1 person who has some minimal experience with the DigiEduHack topic (Learning Experience). It can be, for example, a (former) teacher, student, lector, educator, etc.

Individuals will be divided into teams on Thursday, November 12, 2020 in the evening at the intro session, which will take place from 6 p.m.

Everything will take place online using Slack, online boards, video conferencing tools, etc. There is no need to be in a specific place. We will use Zoom for plenary sessions. Login links will be provided to you in advance.

To join DigiEduHack, all you need is a computer, a tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection and time for undisturbed work from Thursday 12.11. 2020 from 6 pm to approx. 8 pm 13.11. 2020, till approx 8 pm

If you can't participate all of the time, it doesn't matter, you just need to work it out with your team.

The theme chosen by the organizers is The Learning Experience.

The challenge this year is called Sharing for Better Education.

The aim of the one-day hackaton will be to design a platform for sharing good practice, inspiration and contacts to improve education. A smart way to share good practice and inspiration will support community building around schools and collaboration between different sectors.

The target group for solving the challenge are teachers, principals and volunteers in the broadest sense - people who can provide something that can help others (time, know-how, equipment, interesting materials and more).

During the DigiEduHackaton, so-called flying mentors will be available to you and you  will be able to request consultation with them. We will have IT mentors as well as education experts.

Of course, the organizers will also provide additional support, such as online tools, etc., you will be informed about everything in time.

All published solution proposals will be open-source, i.e. accessible to all DigiEduHack participants, including partners and the public. The aim is to make solution proposals and good ideas as useful as possible.

At the end of DigiEduHack, there will be a presentation to the members of the jury, which will evaluate teams’ solutions  according to predetermined criteria (more details here): 1. quality; 2. relevance; 3. originality; 4. feasibility; 5. transferability; 6. sustainability. The jury will include representatives of the organizers and partners.

The local jury will select one winning project as a representative to the global round of DigiEduHack. Interesting prizes will be prepared for the winners. At the global level, it is possible to compete for a prize of EUR 5000.

The winning solution and other interesting ideas will be presented to professional communities, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, members of DigiKoalice and others.

You did not find the answer? Please contact one of the organisers


We help women, girls and children to explore the world of information technologies. We teach them to code in various programming languages, test their software, or analyse complex data. We organize workshops and courses on different levels of expertise, focused on particular knowledge or technology. We organize summer IT camps, requalification and evening courses. We inspire, educate and help to place new talents to strengthen diversity and competitiveness.
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DigiKoalice (Czech National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs) is an open fellowship of representatives of state institutions, IT companies, ICT sector, educational institutions, academic assemblies, non-profit organizations, statutory authorities of schools, and other entities, that want to contribute to better digital literacy of citizens of the Czech Republic, to increase their chances of succeeding in the labour market with a help of their digital skills and as a result, improving the competitiveness of the Czech economy.

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Contact us



Tereza Nedjalková


Our Partners

Our challenge, your solutions
Sharing for better education
Do you want to help educators find inspiration and good practice? Do you want to support the community around schools and mutual learning and know-how sharing for educators? Join DigiEduHack and find a solution that will help teachers inspire each other and respond to emergencies.
Using existing tools for better communication within regions

Connecting headmasters, founders, teachers and other stakeholders, who operate in the same region, on a platform where they can share local problems and solutions.

Sharing for better education for all

A holistic solution for sharing educational resources, bounce ideas and brainstorm subjects on a one-stop social platform.

Education+ Multi = EDULTI, the education of 3rd millennium

EDULTI is a web app providing meaningful, retrospective e-learning, where teachers share their best practices, co-work on catching content for online education and inspire each other. Students can use materials from variety of teachers and find the best suitable source for understanding the subject.

Find&Connect in 3 clicks new ways of teaching and meet experts!

The importance of empathizing with the user (through interviews) allowed us to understand the problem and develop a more relevant solution for them.



DigiEduHack 2021 partners & supporters

DigiEduHack is an EIT initiative under the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan, led by EIT Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University. In 2021, the main stage event is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in cooperation with the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO.

EIT Climate-Kic

Aalto University

European commission

Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence

EIT Community: Human Capital