Prague - Smartphone: School in a pocket - DigiEduHack 2021

Prague - Smartphone: School in a pocket


Smartphone: School in a pocket

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone - a student, a teacher and a parent. Are smartphones just for playing games and scrolling on social networks? How to use them innovatively in school to contribute to the development of pupils, teachers and parents? Join the Smartphone: School in Your Pocket challenge and share a solution, prototype or finished product for the innovative use of smartphones at school that is realistic, easy to implement and inclusive.

Join us online on 9-10 Nov 2021
And team up to solve our challenge:

#2 / Smartphone: Škola v kapse

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone! Are smartphones just for playing games and scrolling on social networks? Join the Smartphone: School in Your Pocket challenge and share a solution, prototype or finished product for the innovative use of smartphones at school.

Who can join?


Teachers or educators



Education professionals


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You can get in touch with us: scroll up, click on the contact tab, drop us a line!


All times indicated are in Europe/Prague timezone

The deadline for registration is October 27th, followed by the first online meeting of participants on Monday, November 1st, in order to get to know each other and start to form teams. In the week before DigiEduHack, there will be interesting workshops and events for participants. The hackaton will start on Tuesday November 9th at 8am. The announcement of results will take place on Wednesday 10th around 8:30pm.


The jury will select one winning project as a representative to the global round of DigiEduHack. Interesting prizes will be prepared for the winners. All participating teams will receive a certificate and a small reward.

Mentors & Jury

The DigiEduHack will be supported by these amazing mentors and jury!

Kristýna Schusterová.jpg

Kristýna Schusterová


The Global Exec

Herdová, Dominika_malé.jpg

Dominika Herdová


O2 Chytrá škola

Tomáš Hart2.jpeg

Tomáš Hart


Fouder of


David Plešinger


Acer Channel Manager CZ

Alan Fabik 3.jpg

Alan Fabík


Founder of Hardwario

Julia Szymanska 3.jpg

Julia Szymańská


Expert at Be Safe Online

Klatovský, Karel_malé.jpg

Karel Klatovský


Education Programs Manager in Microsoft

Sedloň, Ondřej_malé.jpg

Ondřej Sedloň


CEO at Bakaláři

Vit Nohejl.jpg

Vít Nohejl


Senior Solutions Consultant @ Oracle

Petr Tecl_malé.JPG

Petr Tecl


Educator & Consulant

Kolaříková, Barbora.JPG

Barbora Kolaříková


Product Manager at Czechitas

O. Neumajer300.jpg

Ondřej Neumajer


Digital Education Expert


Sara Polak


Archaeologist in AI

Miky Škoda2.png

Miky Škoda


Head of Communication in

Daniel Pražák.jpg

Daniel Pražák


Teacher & Spokesperson in Otevřeno


Zbyněk Filipi


University of West Bohemia Teacher

Lukáš Hudeček.jpeg

Lukáš Hudeček


CTO in


Anežka Müller


Community & Projects in Česko.Digital


Petr Naske


Project Manager of PPUČ, digital education expert

Stanislav Volčík 2.jpeg

Stanislav Volčík


Education Expert


Jan Berki


Teacher at Technical University in Liberec


Karel Myška


Key Activity Manager in SYPO project

Bohuslav Hora.jpg

Slávek Hora


Teacher, Member of GEG community

Blaha, Petr.png

Petr Blaha


Senior Software Engineering Manager at Oracle

Šrámek, Ondřej.jpg

Ondřej Šrámek


IT security expert

Downloads and links

There will be a background paper that describes the topic and challenge of DigiEduHack. In the week before DigiEduHack you will have the opportunity to participate in interesting workshops or webinars.

1. Preliminary statement



Welcome to DigiEduHack. This set of rules is a body of principles governing DigiEduHack as a whole.
Each DigiEduHack challenge might have additional and/or specific rules. In case of doubt, please ask your challenge owner/host. 


DigiEduHack is a hackathon that encourages collaboration, co-creation, and real-life change. Even if in the end three teams will be crowned as global winners, any solution uploaded on can potentially have an impact on digital education. This reflects the spirit of DigiEduHack: you take part in this hackathon because you and your team members want to take action and contribute to solving an actual challenge.


DigiEduHack is free, accessible, inclusive, and sustainable. Please keep in mind these values when entering and taking part in a DigiEduHack challenge. Participants are expected to behave according to these values.Do support other teams, respect the differences, encourage, help, and include others. Be fair. 
Do not shame, mock, attack, despise or hurt other participants. Be positive and remember to have fun: DigiEduHack is first and foremost a great experience where you are going to meet fantastic people, get new cool skills, grow your network.


Last but not least: in case of doubt, please contact either the owner of the challenge or the DigiEduHack central team


2. Rules


Prior to joining Digieduhack, you, as a participant, should pick a challenge. Most of the challenges have open recruitment; some challenges have conditional recruitment (be a student part of the challenge owner's institution for example). You can see the status of a challenge by checking its label on the "Challenges" page.


As a participant, you can only join/take part in one DigiEduHack challenge. You can join alone, or take part as a team. If you take part as a team, each team member should sign up for the challenge individually. The size of the teams is decided by each challenge owner. This size may vary from one challenge to another. The composition of a team is decided by the local challenge owners. Please refer to the documentation specific to the challenge you wish to join. In case of doubt, please contact the challenge owner.


As a participant, you are expected to take part in all/most of the activities organized by the challenge owner on 9-10 November 2021. Challenge owners can decide to make some or all activities mandatory, either before, during, or after their DigiEduHack event. Please refer to the planning of the challenge you joined for further info.


Your solution should be co-created and finalized during the DigiEduHack event you're taking part in. It's allowed to join with draft ideas, frameworks, ideas, and concepts. It's not allowed to join DigiEduHack with a ready-made and/or ready-to-be-rolled-out solution or to use a ready-made and/or ready-to-be-rolled-out solution as a base for your co-creation process: you cannot re-work an already existing solution during DigiEduHack. You can get inspiration from an existing solution but plagiarism, copy, and/or any other form of treachery or deception are totally forbidden. In case of a breach of at least one rule in this paragraph, the challenge owner/host will ultimately decide on the applicable sanction (see infra 2.8). You can use open source resources if you clearly attribute the sampled part(s) to their original creator(s) and if the sampled part(s) is a minor component of your solution.


DigiEduHack is a multilevel hackathon where each challenge owner chooses one winning solution and might choose one or several runner-ups. Each challenge owner has their own judging grid to assess submitted solutions: please contact your challenge owner for more details. All the winning solutions (NOT the runner-ups) enter the global competition where the DigiEduHack steering group chooses 10 to 12 finalists based on the criteria available here. These 10 to 12 finalist solutions are uploaded on a platform to be submitted to a public vote. The three solutions that gather the most votes are declared global winners.


At the end of the event you are taking part in, follow and respect your challenge owner's instructions on when to stop working on your solution and on where, how, and when your solution will be assessed: pay especially attention to mandatory pitching/demo sessions and upload requirements. You had no time to finish? No worries: notify it during your pitch/demo/upload in the description of your project.  All the solutions created during DigiEduHack 2021 should be uploaded on Solutions uploaded to are made public under the DigiEduHack intellectual property guidelines.


Only ONE team member should upload the team's solution on, and only ONE solution per team should be uploaded. A team can only upload a solution for a challenge they are registered for and actually took part in. Before starting the upload process, please check the solution upload guidelines. To upload your solution login, go to "upload your solution" and follow the steps.


Participants or teams can be disqualified and excluded from DigiEdUhack for breaking one of the aforementioned rules/preliminary statements. If a single participant in a team breaks a rule, the participant will be excluded from their team and from DigiEduHack. The rest of the team can keep taking part in DigiEduHack. If a team as a whole breaks a rule, they will be excluded from DigiEduHack. Each challenge owner decides in full discretion on exclusions for their own event. The DigiEduHack central team decides in full discretion on exclusions for the global competition. Exclusions are definitive. Solutions that break the rules described in 2.4 will be disqualified. If a winning solution is disqualified, the challenge owner will organize a second deliberation and announce a new winner. If a finalist solution or a global winning solution is disqualified, the Steering group as a whole or in a smaller quorum will assess a new finalist solution, and a new public vote will take place.






Frequently asked questions

Aktualizované FAQ jsou k dispozici zde.

Aktuální informace sledujte na FB události nebo webové stránce DigiKoalice

You did not find the answer? Please contact one of the organisers


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is the national authority of the Czech Republic.
The mission of the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic (NPI) is to enhance in various ways the continuing development of a general, vocational, art and linguistic education, and to support schools in the area of their pedagogical-psychological, educational and career counselling, as well as in the methodology used in the continuing education of teachers. All these services emphasize a general focus on lifelong education while maintaining close cooperation with the EU. DigiKoalice (Czech National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs) is part of the NPI and we are an open platform uniting major stakeholders in digital education (private companies, schools, NGOs etc.). We promote a dialogue between member organizations and policymakers, collecting and communicating best practice and providing an "online catalogue" of organizations and initiatives for schools.
Czechitas We are a non-profit organization made up of young women and men who all share one common goal – to increase diversity in the world of IT and to fight for a higher level of digital proficiency among women and in the new generation. Thousands of women and hundreds of children have already discovered the world of information technology with our help. We motivate them and educate them. We teach them to programme, code and work with data. We organize workshops at various levels of advancement, summer camps, retaining and evening courses. We also help our graduates to find their dream jobs in the field and we connect them with our partner companies. We inspire, educate and apply new talents to strengthen diversity and competitiveness in IT. We get new blood where it is most needed.

Our Solutions

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Our Partners

Our challenge, your solutions
Smartphone: Škola v kapse
Today, almost everyone has a smartphone! Are smartphones just for playing games and scrolling on social networks? Join the Smartphone: School in Your Pocket challenge and share a solution, prototype or finished product for the innovative use of smartphones at school.
#Advisoree! - all education sources in one place

#Advisoree! provides MEETING POINT for education sources. Different platforms, webs, FB groups and platforms under one roof. #Advisoree! speeds search in the valid, prefesional sources for your education and share you own video. Validation of the registered subject guarantee the quality content.

Navigating towards an individual education

The concept of this unique app builds on and further develops topics of Strategy 2030 such as individualisation of teaching, developing pupils’ potential while keeping up with the modern world. Navigatiq offers unlimited benefits and one of a kind connection between a teacher and a pupil.

Škola pod palcem (School in your hand)

We are creating a platform for the time of lesson. Teacher will have a real-time feedback from students.

Proffesional network to find coworkers easily.

Conwo is a proffesional network to find coworkers and members for teams for school and non-school projects alike. The main point is to easily find people that may help or be interested in projects, and to fill roles in projects.


Are you lost with your emotions? Do you understand them? Come to meet Emil and together learn about emotions on a journey of life. Try Emotivator App!

Exam preparation support on Instagram and Telegram chat

The goal of our solution is to make it easier for students to prepare for the exam - to go over the material with them in an accessible way, to provide feedback and necessary explanations, and to get everything done on time.

Education improvement

Aplication including gamifitcation in education, helping with modern education and student´s home preparation.

How to learn and teach history at schools through digital tools

Digital tool helping students, their teachers and parents to learn and teach history at schools or at home in attractive and modern way anywhere, where internet is.

iSpeak App - Swipe to Learn

Learn with short interactive videos. Swipe to navigate fun interactive video lessons. Like, comment and connect. Improve your Czech speaking with videos you can actually talk to. Every time you swipe you are getting a smart recommendation based on your personal preferences and  
learning needs. 

Application for sharing and creating maths examples

The biggest problem with math is that many people find it boring or too difficult to understand.Our app Mathfest offers a wide range of functions to help with making it more fun and accesible.You can challenge your friend to a duel, create your own examples or just learn from high school level text.

modular school system based on two-way feedback and dynamicity

The problem with the current education system is that it is very inefficient when it comes to organizational matters. We want to solve all of these problems with our system, which is modular - so it offers many features - and highly personalized - this makes the system fast, clear and efficient.

Learning with educational online courses Red Monster

Red Monster education online courses, available on every device, are created according to the valid curriculum for schools. Thanks to the fact that the content is meaningfully and entertainingly processed into short lessons, it allows them to monitor the student's progress on their journey.

DigiEduHack 2021 partners & supporters

DigiEduHack is an EIT initiative under the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan, led by EIT Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University. In 2021, the main stage event is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in cooperation with the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO.

EIT Climate-Kic

Aalto University

European commission

Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence

EIT Community: Human Capital