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to be social, outside of social media

The project wants to realize a digital culture that reconsiders the technology as a catalyst for a sociality founded on the enhancement of the resources present in the territory.

Team members
Davide Castrucci, Giuseppe Lanzetta, Beatrice Martino, Gaetano Spadavecchia, Alessandra Viggiano
Members roles and background

Davide Castrucci: Medicine and Surgery Student (Master Degree) at University of Foggia

Giuseppe Lanzetta: Economy Student (Bechelor Degree) at University of Foggia

Beatrice Martino: Medicine and Surgery Student (Master Degree) at University of Foggia

Gaetano Spadavecchia: Economy Student (Master Degree) at University of Bari

Alessandra Viggiano: Physiotherapy Student (Bechelor Degree) at University of Foggia

Contact details

Solution description

The project involves the development of an application that allows registered users with their own profile:

1-access an online calendar of territorial activities (obtained through geolocation)

2-receive notifications on last minute offers (discounts on list prices) by affiliated companies and have the possibility to confirm the membership by paying online within 30 minutes (Ex: restaurant with last minute offers for food exhaustion)

3-interact with other users through a chat and send notifications for participation in sports / cultural / self-managed or scheduled activities.

The project is at the base of the realization of a digital culture that reconsiders the technology not as a mere individual tool, but as a catalyst for a socialityfounded on the enhancement of the resources present in the territory.

The success of the project can be detected by monitoring the participation of users in the various activities and the number of companies involved.

The gain will come from a percentage of the profits obtained by companies and from the provision of the "advanced" version based on an annual subscription

Solution context

The problems that the project aims to solve are:

- resource waste

(fresh food at risk of waste, empty seats in the cinemas, ...)

- social marginalization (closing attitudes that cause a departure from social life and an excessive use of technology)

Solution target group

Businesses, activities and citizens.

We allow users (residents and tourists) to discover the territory by promoting existing realities, by advertising events and last minute offers, increasing theirvisibility.

We promote horizontal self-organization by breaking down social barriers through the implementation of a social network system

Solution impact

The ultimate goal of the project is to:

- reduce the waste of resources by implementing eco-sustainable choices

- fighting social exclusion

The impact measurement will take place by displaying the revenue trend obtained by the participating companies and by monitoring the frequency of participation of the individual user.

Solution tweet text

30 minutes to! You will have no more excuses for getting lazy indecision! An app with last minute offers and self-organized activities. Book, leave your smartphone at home and have fun!

Solution innovativeness

It is an innovative application because it allows services in the territory to enter a network based on offers aimed at acquiring new customers. In addition, users (residents and tourists), through geolocation, have the ability to easily access the services offered based on their interests. the app also allows you to build self-organized interest groups to be social, outside of social media

Solution transferability

The project is easily transferable to other contexts in a global manner with simple language adaptation.

Solution sustainability

End users will always have free access to the app. The participating territorial corporations, on the other hand, will be able to access “advanced” services that will offer a targetedmarketing service implemented through a business intelligence and web analytics system

Solution team work

Davide Castrucci, Giuseppe Lanzetta, Beatrice Martino, Gaetano Spadavecchia, Alessandra Viggiano

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