A world in my PLE

A world in my PLE

Our challenge, your solutions

Creating a new model for PLEs

We offer learners a practical solution that will make it easier for them to design their own  personal learning environments within the scope of online learning.


Team: 2 Learn

Team members

Fatih, Nil, Hasan, Harun, Hüseyin, Burak

Contact details


Solution description

Our final product is a mobile application.


Demographic information (Full name, email address) 

Needs Analysis (subjects to be studied) 

Accordingly, a PLE can be created to be used by learners to enhance their online learning regarding personal learning needs, process of learning, self regulated learning, provide inert learning.

The success of the solution will be measured  by the number of users in relation to their registration and users’ feedback .

It will provide benefits by integrating formal (academic) and informal (non academic) learning process of the users. In this way, the users can reach the reliable sources rapidly

and have ubiquitous learning environment.

Solution context

What is the problem you are facing?

-Lack of recognition of PLEs. 

-Lost in too many sources (e.g. What to use? which technology, online video , which bookmarks, news feeds, Web 2.0 tools, social media) 

-How to organize Social bookmarking, Debate, Discussion, Communicating, File Sharing, Collaborating, Tool/ Surveys


What is the challenge that you are solving? 

-There is a big necessity to simplify PLEs for specific learning needs 

-The solution will help learners to organize Note Taking, Research, Podcast, Vodcast, Multimedia, Presentation, Mind mapping, Drafting, Document Processing, Images.

Solution target group

All learners 

This solution will affect all learners positively and guide them to find a pathway to recognize how and for what purpose they use PLEs.

We propose a concrete sample and a framework of a PLE to enhance online personal learning.

Solution impact

It is intended to be effective enough to involve learners to be active learners in online learning experience. With the effects obtained from this sample, the PLE can: 


-foster self-directed learning 

-support a constructivist process 

-involve problem solving, knowledge acquisition and questioning. 

-complete learning process effectively

-be in a structure that allows immediate communication, interpretation, sharing and archiving.


In this regard, we can measure the efficiency of this solution with the learners’ feedback. We can redesign and/or adapt the tool accordingly.

Solution tweet text

We offer learners a practical solution that will make it easier for them to design their own personal learning environments within the scope of online learning.

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is innovative. PLEs on the market cannot fully guide learners to their learning needs. The solution we present for PLE may include some questions that measure the learners’ technological self-efficacies, motivation and procrastination tendencies. There are also no reminding messages in the existing PLEs so this PLE sample will be a solution.

Solution transferability

Created PLEs can be used for both mobile application and web based learning milieus. The created solution (PLEs) can be reached through social networking sites like Wikipedia, Youtube, Flickr, del.icio.us, Facebook, Twitter or into applications like wiki, podcast, RSS, API AJAX, XML.

Solution sustainability

 In the long-term, A PLE can last a life-time by preventing it from being terminated when a course, semester, or a program is completed/finished. It provides learners with an immersive environment in which they can independently manage their learning process. In the mid-term, it can be continued in terms of enriching PLEs, fostering the personal development and supporting individual productivity of learners. With PLEs, learners can perform permanent learning by filtering, assimilating, internalizing and achieving.

Solution team work

By working in harmony we:

-brainstormed on the main problem 

-planned a path to answer our problem 

-focused on our main goal 

-establish a method for arriving at a consensus (pros and cons)

-monitored the progress step by step

-filled the solution canvas

-created the mobile application and had the final result

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