#Advisoree! (#poradníček!)

#Advisoree! (#poradníček!)

Our challenge, your solutions

#Advisoree! - all education sources in one place

#Advisoree! provides MEETING POINT for education sources. Different platforms, webs, FB groups and platforms under one roof. #Advisoree! speeds search in the valid, prefesional sources for your education and share you own video. Validation of the registered subject guarantee the quality content.


Team: Tým 13

Members roles and background

Lenka Kotková - Basic school backround

Martin Slavík - High School teacher

Filip Vopálek - student. 

Honza - student.

Contact details

Solution description



- will advise and help you to upload your own video to share your education content to others,

- search for keywords what you need to search through various platforms and education web sites,  

- can filtr the videos accrodnig to the lenght, 

- you can trust me, in this environment only the professionals can share the advice (NPI, Ministry of Education, teachers - even those special, school psychologists and  methodologists),

. I save you time and I remember your "click" (if you like something a lot, I can remember it for a long time),

. if you are just afraid, you can only share your video in the CLUB for a start, before you get the courage to hang it in a public space. 



Solution context

Our web App. provides two basic platforms:

Share videos among proffesionals and browser in approved education platforms (EduCatalog) with use of the keywords.

Technologies - Advisoree! works in HTML, using Javascript and working with Json database system.

Database - This set up allows to show the data from the database on base of the users request.

Work tools - To add videos and brows in our catalogue (this explains the content shortly befor you decide to see it).

Validation of the content - registration available just for proffesionals. 

Evaluation - for registered members there will be available the tool for evaluation of the content (vidoes,  web sites, materials) and write references. 

External tools:

  • STORAGE - we do not have our own storage now and use the YouTube channel to save videos. (Here is potential risk, that you loose the link to video or the video can be deleted. 
  • VIDEO MAKER - we advice to use the own mobile tools to create short video and give tips to create it.

Risk- To remember the path to the videos on the websites of platforms we use currently just the browser memory, which is not the best solution. In case we have own server this problem would be easy to solv. 

Solution target group

Teachers, students and all who look for education opportunity.


Solution impact

The amount of the information available in the current web world is exteremely high. Proffesionally oriened search tools can help to speed up your work and save time. 

The quality of education materials is higly required among edu professionals.

You do not need to remember all the web sites and platforms, you  have just one solution in one mobile application to carry in your pocket. 


Solution tweet text

#Advisoree! speed up your education!

Solution innovativeness

Many platforms and tools in one place.

Our Application has the ambition to search key word in the suppoeted and valid sources. 

Solution transferability

This solution could be applicable to various proffesional groups, not only in ecucation, but for example in the transport, building industrial, etc. 

Solution sustainability

We need to discuss the profitability and attractivness of the product.

Solution team work

Yes, we belive this team could continue in working on this web application and finish all the considered functionalities.

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