Avoin: OpenAPI for students

Avoin: OpenAPI for students

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Avoin: OpenAPI for students

OpenAPI contains scientific data that is popularised to the public. What is the carbon footprint of your diet or shopping. Example by Finnish Envirpnment Institute: https://ilmastodieetti.ymparisto.fi/ilmastodieetti/swagger/ui/index


Team: Avoin

Members roles and background

Otso Valta, product manager
Venla Inkari, UX designer and frontend programmer
Elias Kunnas, Data scientist and full-stack programmer

Contact details


Solution description

With OpenAPI both Food and IT students can work together and create applications. 13 game-applications were made in the pilot during a weekend organized by Avoin in summer 2019. Play here: https://itch.io/jam/eko-game-jam/entries

Solution context

Food sector is not popularized to public. Food data is underutilized.

Solution target group

The solution will affect citizens in their everyday life.

Solution impact

The solution can bring carbon footprint data everywhere it's needed: in receipts, in bank accounts, in mobile games.

Solution tweet text

OpenAPi by @Avoin aims to bring carbon footprint data in receipts, bank accounts and mobile games. #DigiEduHack #FoodSector #LifelongLearning

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is open source. OpenAPI allows A) students to find important use cases for the data in their country and B) research institutions to update the carbon footprint info based on the latest research and needs by the solutions that students are building.

Solution transferability

OpenAPI can be applied to all datasets that popularize science. When you open the data and make it useful, it actually spreads!

Solution sustainability

We will continue opening data with research institutes and bringing students from Food and IT sectors together to work on it. In 5 years time, the aim is that the model has scaled in the EU: our plan is that it spreads from Finnish research institutes and universities to other countries. We will work on this.

Solution team work

Our team has been together since summer 2018. We love working together. We are mainly IT pros.

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