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Before Pandemic Education still was a multifactorial problem fueled by inequality. The decision of the continuity in education is not just based on if the individual wants to study or not. If he or she belongs to a family which basic needs are not fullfilled surviving is more important than studying


Team: BAOS

Team members

Mariana Higareda, Alejandro Parra, Ana Doddoli, Oscar del Toro

Members roles and background

Mariana Higareda

She's 21 years old, studies in Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara Biotechnology Engineering. She is immensely creative and believer that making strategic alliances ensures success.

Alejandro Parra

He's 22 years old, studies in Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara Computer Systems Engineering. He is computer programmer passionate about user experience and strategic.

Ana Doddoli

She's 22 years old,  studies in Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara Industrial Engineering. She loves developing processes and systematize them. 

Oscar del Toro

He's 22 years old, studies in Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara Computer Systems Engineering. He always analyzes blind spots.

Contact details, +52 331690 8514.

Solution description

Pandemic grew Educational problem because now it doesn't matter if you pay or not, if you are studying or not, reality is we are not learning. The problem is bigger than thought because human behavior has a social and cultural background further more economy. Having all these on mind we develope BAOS. BAOS is a disruptive education program that helps young students to carve their own life path. Embark in a journey to solve a real life challenge, guided by an expert. 

The platform will know the user, analyze his tastes and elections in previous content and categorize him so that he can get more content of what he has been liking. Not only this, but BAOS will help the user into learning about new and different topics. People can’t know if they aren’t interested in a topic if they don’t know its existence.  Randomly some topics will be shown too and will depend if the user likes them or not to continue, just to keep the options variable.  

Solution context

The main objective of our platform is to reduce school drop out taking into account its multifactoriality and promote a decision-making process informed. Accepting that BAOS won’t change personal inspiration that can be given by family, the first type of content that will be shown will be inspiring: admirable people sharing their career and learning decisions and experience, so as its impact. Each student will be able to decide what to do next, while being informed of the impact of their decisions. 

Solution target group

The users will begin defining their own dream or goal. Then, the platform will show the different paths to reach it, and all the knowledge that needs to be acquired. As a long term evolution of BAOS, we visualize it as the partner platform of private and public high schools, having the option to accept an outside user without any barrier. 

Solution impact

How can you know what you ignore? How can you be sure that what you ignore is not what you will love? If you already studied a career and you were totally sure that was what you want it and on your way you discover more careers that would be helpful to reach your goals. But this is because most people base their decision making on what are they good for, not what they dream nor their goals. If the starting point was analyzing where you want to end so that you can develope your path, the possibility of not reaching your goals will decrease. With BAOS you'll have a lot of content that you like, but also you'll have random content to know more about it. The platform at the end will show you what you like, but with the practical challenges to be totally sure that the gap of the ilusion in your mind and the reality is not so big, users will be able to know more oportunities and will take a decision well informed.

Solution tweet text

Baos is a disruptive education program that helps young students to carve their own life path. Embark in a journey to solve a real life challenge, guided by an expert. Flexible: explore only the essential content for your goals in our AI platform, which determines your strengths.

Solution innovativeness

AI and blockchain for user analysis.

Involves solving real life challenges.

Flexible, doesn't follow a course syllabus

Solution transferability

Can be applied to the private sector

Also applied to the public sector

Even applied to companies


Solution sustainability

Suscription based program for particulars

Plan based program for schools that need vocational insights

Long term, profits will be invested in scholarships for the public sector students

Solution team work

Great, communication between team members is good

Yes, we would like to continue working as a team

Alex - Product design, Mariana - Creative mind, Oscar - technical member, Ana - Public relations

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