”BareBonesEdu” …. a worldwide educational visual library … … the most important fact about digital learning

”BareBonesEdu” …. a worldwide educational visual library … … the most important fact about digital learning

Our challenge, your solutions


An educational platform to streamline the teaching process of teachers, facilitate access to education for both teachers and students through visualization


Team: The Foxes

Team members

Mihaela Furculiță, Nica Cristina, Raoul Zanca

Members roles and background

Mihaela Furculița - Undergraduate Student

Nica Cristina - Teacher -primary school

Raoul Zanca - University Teacher

Contact details

Zanca Raoul - zancaraoul@yahoo.com

Solution description

The solution is to create a video educational platform to streamline the teaching process of teachers, to facilitate access to education for both teachers and students through visualization, this being considered the most effective digital method of learning.

This solution appeared in the context in which digital education, through specific tutorials is preferred by young people from ”Millennials” and the "Z" generation, in the context in which, with small exclusive exceptions, the worldwide web does not contain any specialized site to centralize educational videos regardless of borders, culture, level of education and fields.

This solution is about teaching and learning, it is related to the globalization of the learning process, it is about open access to teaching techniques from all educational fields and all educational systems around the world, it is about the access to education of students from disadvantaged areas, it is about encouraging teachers' creativity to present their vision of effective teaching techniques, is related to education in restrictive conditions such as the pandemic and last but not least is related to borderless educational multiculturalism.

Solution context

Video-based learning has been around since the early 20th century. A very popular technical video-based learning was produced in 1937. The late 1960’s witnessed the use of educational television, and there has been no turning back since. The success of YouTube educational videos is ample testimony to the effectiveness of engagement with video-based learning. (https://blog.originlearning.com/the-relevance-of-video-based-learning/

The video-based learning doesn’t intend to replace instructors, trainers and teachers, but seeks to offer a more powerful, engaging and interesting tool to enhance the learning experience. Videos are powerful media form that helps learners grasp content and ideas by letting them interact with tricky and complex concepts that would otherwise seem abstract. (https://www.elearninglearning.com/video/?open-article-id=10954015&article-title=5-myths-about-video-based-learning&blog-domain=yourtrainingedge.com&blog-title=your-training-edge)

As per one of the research conducted, it was revealed that 90% of the information grasped by the brain is visual, while visuals are processed by brain 60,000 times faster than the text


Solution target group

This solution is intended for two target groups: direct beneficiaries represented by teachers and students, and indirect beneficiaries represented by the worldwide population.

Teachers around the world are responsible for the continuous adaptation of the educational process to continuously upgrading teaching techniques.

Teaching in restrictive conditions can be successfully done through online teaching, and can be greatly streamlined if the teacher uses teaching materials represented by videos.

This type of teaching is different from existing tutorials that have other educational values. The Internet today through established video platforms provide a wide variety of video materials with or without educational value, unfortunately, many of them not recommended for students.

This solution will help teachers that need video content for their teaching process, who want to make worldwide connections and exchange teaching techniques and who want to become famous for their teaching passion.

Such a solution as the one proposed by us can easily represent for any of the teachers of the world, both an invaluable and unlimited virtual library, as well as a suitable place to manifest their creativity.

Students are the ones who enjoy this way of dynamic teaching the most, who constantly capture their interest and attention and who can review the teaching materials whenever they feel the need.

Students from all over the world, regardless of the culture, the level of economic development of the respective country, the material situation of the families they come from, will have equal access to this way of education.

This solution will also help students who want to benefit from modern technology to improve their skills outside the school and have access to a worldwide library.

Last but not least, the families of the students, the local communities, the nations of the world, will indirectly benefit, in the long run, through this solution, from more educated, more productive and happier generations.

Solution impact

We expect to bring visible and immediate improvements in terms of students' access to education, streamlining the teaching process and mastering of information, in terms of the exchange of teaching techniques between different cultures of the world, the language of instruction and last but not least in the creation of an educational video library that will develop at an alert pace, a rhythm dictated precisely by this need felt by the educational environment. 

The impact of the solution can be reflected by the growth of users of the platform that can be measured using the web site's analytics, based on the number of clicks per video as well as the number of new users, the growth of educational materials and the evolution and improvement of teacher's techniques.

Solution tweet text

Superstar teachers and students join BearBonesEdu for instant free multicultural education!

Solution innovativeness

The innovative character of the presented solution consists in offering the beneficiaries a virtual educational space in which the video educational materials are centralized, regardless of the educational field, spoken language or the educational level of the beneficiaries. This platform will allow beneficiaries to select the most representative video educational materials through filters that meet the demands of both teachers and students.

Currently, such educational videos are spread on various sites and fields, access to these videos is difficult, or are found on large video platforms where most of these videos do not necessarily have educational values ​​and where the content of materials agreed by policies platform are often not recommended to students.

Solution transferability

The educational video streaming platform could be easily customized for each educational level, regardless of the education system in each country, the teaching methods of teachers from different countries can be sources of inspiration for others, and over time with the increase of subscribers to the platform, the number available languages increases, thus becoming interesting and useful for beneficiaries from as many countries as possible. 

Solution sustainability

The development and dissemination of the educational video streaming platform will respect principles like findable where this specific data will to be easy to find for both humans and computers,  accessible where once the user finds the required data, maybe needs to know how can they be accessed having the possibility for authentication and authorisation, interoperable data being able to be integrated with other data and reusable trough optimise the reuse of data, and all of this to facilitate the open access.

The platform could also be monetized, through a monthly subscription paid by an individual/ educational institution or government.

Solution team work

The team has achieved the performing stage and could work together to develop the proposed solution. We did everything together including storming and norming. The solution came from the intense necessity observed by the team members that represent teachers and students.

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