Bridging connection between Gaming and Teaching for a progressive learning experience

Bridging connection between Gaming and Teaching for a progressive learning experience

Our challenge, your solutions

Develop interactive solutionsto supplement teaching methodologies

So far in my experience the teaching methodologies, either the traditional approach of being taught things in a classroom or online are a little lesser on the interactive side. It would be better if we could fathom some different approach to bring a great learning expereience out of each session. 


Team: LunaticeDesginer

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Master Student TU Berlin (Finishing thesis).

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Solution description

My approach here is to build a list of games, not many for this hackathon atleast but to develop one cool interactive game that could very well support my idea of leveraging the concepts of gaming for a better learning experience for students of different age groups. The current approach most of the times end up being monotonous or one sided since it can be an arduous task to convince a wide variety of people. This in my opinion is because the teachers hardly encourage every people in the session to take part in the discussion or other methods employed by him/her thereby failing to build a bridge. Gaming/Gamification has been around for many years now but I hardly see these techniques being employed in the classroom or teaching sessions. It is time for teachers to bring these elements and make it as a part and parcel of their teaching strategy. My solution is not far fetched but can be a laborious task but I believe this has the potential to convince more people to actively particpate in the interaction. Different set of games could be developed for different type of subject matter to convey the message or context. In my experience, Learning experience can be fruitful if it has the potential to convince and engage all the senses of a student and not just about convincing your ears. 

Solution target group

I believe it is best to employ these methologies when teaching kids or high school students who are at the early stages of choosing their carrer path. Deploying some interactive teaching methodologies can not only raise their curiosity about learning things but also provide a fun and relaxed learning experience. The students can be asked to engage in these games (mobile or desktop or VR) and ask them to share their experience of how they think the game works and also asking some subtle information of  what they saw in the game to track their attentiveness and memory. 

Solution impact

The impact is mostly understood by how well they participate in these sessions and how well they understood the elements in the game. And also thedifferent strategies they employed to approach the game. And ask for their suggestions that could be employed to make it more interactive and  make them happen so that all opinions are considered equally. We have to listen to the students to always build an efficient bridge. 

Solution tweet text

Monotonous approach might have worked in the past but to stand up to the current head you need to revolutionize. Things can sound well to ears when you listen to them but unless or until you manage to engage all your senses, there will always be a minimal gain.

Solution innovativeness

My idea might not sound so original because it uses the concept of gaming or gamification in the learning process. But in my experience as a student of so far (learning in India and Germany) I have never come across any place where the concept of games or gaming are used to teach or convey message. 

Solution transferability

This could be also be employed on people of age groups that suffer from cognitive decline by providing them a fun and interactive way to learn and challenge themselves.

Solution sustainability

Have to find and develop different types of games that are more proper for a teaching setup and employ various design techniques that not only provides realism but also increases the level of immersion.

Solution team work

I'm just a single person on the team that designed and devloped the game so far.

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