Building individual bridges between teachers and students

Building individual bridges between teachers and students

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Navigating towards an individual education

The concept of this unique app builds on and further develops topics of Strategy 2030 such as individualisation of teaching, developing pupils’ potential while keeping up with the modern world. Navigatiq offers unlimited benefits and one of a kind connection between a teacher and a pupil.


Team: NPI

Team members

Matěj Bacovský, Jan Šturc, Martina Weigertová, Karolína Kropáčková, Matěj Bulant

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Solution description

Navigatiq app improves and transforms education - and it is all just one tap away! 

Final solution offers teachers a way to improve their pre-class preparation, get immediate feedback on subjects discussed in the classroom and the overall lesson after the school bell rings.Through the app pupils can understand their own personalities better, share emotions and information on discussed subject matter or progress with teachers in a safe environment.

Solution context

Navigatiq is an app for both teachers and students so the solution context has two different perspectives. 

It can be difficult for teachers to track students' involvement or how they understand the subject matter and assigned tasks while teaching. Real-time, accurate and reliable feedback for teachers is missing. It would be overwhelming for teachers to track all this on their own for each class. 

Some students might struggle with expressing themselves in public. For many it might be a nightmare to say out loud that they don't understand a given task or even share their emotions.

Solution target group

Teachers and students 11+

Solution impact

Thanks to the students' unique data teachers, individuals and the whole class participate and contribute to improvement of teaching and understanding of the subjects. With the help of emoticons every student can privately express their feelings. This app feature can possibly alert teachers about a child's atypical behaviour and they can help them further. 

Solution tweet text

Navigating towards an individual education with our app!

Solution innovativeness


There is no tool or app which connects the teachers and students this way.


Even though everyone is online, we all exist in our own virtual worlds and finding a common ground (or app) for different generations can be difficult. The market currently doesn't offer any app that would connect teachers and students in such a beneficial way. 


There are many apps or websites offering customers feedback to various businesses but to this day there is none focused on education or even things happening in the classroom. Teachers can rely only on what few students might say out loud or on teacher’s evaluation forms filled out anonymously at the end of the year. There is no other way how teachers can access this type of information. 


Feedback about how the lessons go isn't the only selling point. Nowadays it is more common to talk openly about emotions, although most still struggle. Navigatiq allows children to be open about how they feel and share their emotions without feeling too vulnerable. 

Solution transferability


With slight changes applied eg. tests appropriate for adults, it can be used for further education. 

Thanks to the app students can identify problematic areas of their learning and seek educational and psycholigical counselling. Navigatiq can be also used as an bullying and pathological behaviour prevention

Solution sustainability


The app will be available for free on various platforms. The Ministry of Education and National Pedagogical Institute will continue to manage, support, evaluate and consciously use data for future development and improvement of education.

Solution team work

The team had a great atmosphere, complemented each other and we are allhappy to work together again. 


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