ChargEV - The X-Revolution

ChargEV - The X-Revolution

Our challenge, your solutions

Keep Charge & May the Power be with You

A sustainable but reliable future EV global system needs the synchronization of electricity demand and supply while introducing renewable resources (e.g. solar cells) to the energy market. In order to do so, the needs and expectations of EV drivers must be considered on a business level.


Team: Post-Xennials

Team members

Ada Dindar, Elisabetta Oliva, Chiara Berretta, CagKan Binicioglu

Members roles and background

Ada Dindar & CagKan Binicioglu: App Innovators

Elisabetta Oliva: Coding Expert

Chiara Berretta: Creator and Speaker 

Contact details


Solution description

A chargEV - App will be available to all users to find the available charging stations nearest to them and to book their reservation without the need to register a payment method. For non-App users, a mail address will be shared on the website. Using Gmail and Outlook mail services, it will be possible to create a meeting/event and so to add the event location, to be chosen between all the available EV-stations. The EV-Chargers will be the meeting hosts to be booked at a specific time. The chargEV-App will show all the accessible entertainments around the charging stations, whether the charging station is or is not directly powered by solar cells and the amount of energy available at the solar-powered systems. Through the EV - Community section of the App, people will be able to write reviews and to rate charging places. A rechargeable EV-Card, equipped with a QR code and to be attached to the front window of the car, will be scanned from a camera at the charging point, allowing for a one-time payment without the need to register a payment method. This card will allow the EV-Drivers to accumulate points to recharge their virtual battery displayed on their personal website/app area. This latter will take into account all the payments, charging itself from the red zone to the green or "sustainable" zone. Once exceeding a certain number of payments and entering the green zone, there will be rewards with which to recharge not only the car but the EV-driver himself. In brief, a physical card for completely digital payment.


Solution context

In order to lead society to a low carbon system and carbon-dioxide emissions mitigation, an EV-Community must be built. This EV-Community must be able to connect people, making them able to share their thoughts and so make the EV-experience better for everyone. EV drivers must be able to charge their EV at any time thanks to the booking and one-time digital payment-methods available on all their devices, safely and comfortably. 

Solution target group

The X-Revolution will involve EV-drivers of the Xennials and Post-Millennials generations at the same time while pulling out the best EV charging services for App and Non-App Users. Everyone will have the opportunity to be part of the EV-Community thanks to the ease of payment and monitoring methods. The EV-Drivers of the X-Revolutions will recharge their vehicles and their spirits thanks to the accumulating service of their virtual battery linked to the EV-Card, promoting social and environmental sustainability at the same time. 

Solution impact

The main impact of our solution is Comfort: people can rely on our platform and make their plans according to it and to our one-time digital payment method. EV-Drivers who do not want to enter their credit card information, do not need to worry anymore about that!

Solution tweet text

Keep Charge and May the Power be with You!

Solution innovativeness

The solution can be used at all platforms and devices, people at all ages and generations can use it because of easiness. A one-time digital payment linked to physical card does not exist on the market yet with regards to EV charging stations. 

Solution transferability

This solution has been already applied to other contexts, as for Telepass services. 

Solution sustainability

The solution promotes environmental and social sustainability at the same time

Solution team work

As a team, we shared a lot of ideas and we did networking.

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