We intend to create a platform with an app to bring people to join The University  of Foggia for their Degree course and stop the emigration of the residential population.

Team members
Cece Stefano - Angela Stella Tancredi - Marilisa Di Bari - Ezia Franciosa
Contact details

Solution description

We intend to create a platform with an app to bring people to join The University  of Foggia for their Degree course and stop the emigration of the residential population.

The growth of the number of subscribers of the University of Foggia will easily be commuted in users for EduOpen

There are different index to measure the success of the initiative: Number of Users, Number of advertisers, Number of new Students gained through the app

The challenge owner will gain different streams of incomes and will attract new investors

Solution context

We have an impressive rate of young emigrants from our territory towards the northern Italy or foreign Countries

What is the challenge that you are solving?

Make Foggia and its university an attraction pole and not a reserve of young brains for other places .

Solution target group

People between 17 and 27 years old who is keen to join a university course

Who will this solution affect and how? How will they benefit?

It will affect the whole city creating a cultural exchange and an economic development due to the increasing number of students living in the city

Solution impact

The impact is cultural and economic. Different people from different places gathering to study here in Foggia will provide and bring is own twist on our culture.

New people will bring also economic development thanks to their staying living and spent in our territory.

We can measure it analyzing the growth of the incomes of all the actors involved derived by the platform/app.

Solution tweet text

Make Foggia sexy again. From distraction to attraction!

Solution innovativeness

We were not able to find anything similar on the market.

Solution transferability

We can apply the idea almost to any University, we are creating a box that can contains anything.

Solution sustainability

To implement it we'd need the support of the University of Foggia and a first round of fund to create the beta version of the platform and the app.

Our aim is to increase the number of students from other territories from 5 to 10 percent only through the app.

Solution team work

I think we have the majority of the expertise in house and the general climate is great to develop the idea.

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