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ClimActHub; Where Climate Innovators meet, learn and take action!

A collaborative online lifelong learning environment that accelerates climate action, and innovation for entrepreneurs, through connecting Climate Change agents and promoting behavioural change.


Team: Awesomeness across the Borders

Team members

Agnes Matuszak, Luminita Patras, Saskia Stollman, Stefan Danielsson, Salva Rodriguez

Members roles and background

Luminita works as a Postdoc in Organisational Psychology at the University of Valencia. She also teaches HR psychology for undergraduate students and she plays an active role in different professional associations.

Saskia is a Postdoc in Educational Science, with differentiated instruction and online learning as research themes. Also, she is the internship coordinator for the university's teacher training programme for secondary education.

Salva is a Sustainable energy engineer. She is involved in energy awareness and facilitates workshops using educational game tools.

Stefan has a background in Environmental engineering and skilled with residual resources, circular economy and sustainability. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he is always ready to take the lead in a team.

Agnes holds a double master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Climate Change. Through her involvement with Climate-KIC she developed entrepreneurial skills and gained insights into future education trends.

Contact details

Solution description

ClimActHub is an online platform that works as a social media channel, a dating app, online classroom and gaming zone. It links peers and enables lifelong learning and acquisition of green skills interactively.

In ClimActHub people interested in wanting to help change the climate can:

  • share their actions,
  • meet each other,
  • team up to work on startups or other initiatives,
  • offer their expertise to other people in an online classroom environment,
  • and play (educational) games that focus on what it takes to for example diminish CO2 emission.

It all takes place online. People can join as individuals or with a team. That is the beauty of it: people with different (learning) needs can find what they are looking for and learn how to contribute to climate action the way they like it! The growth of the platform in numbers of participants, but also the number of startups can show whether this is successful (measurable, data analytics, etc.). The platform is an elegant way for the challenge owner to keep track of what knowledge is in the world about climate change and sustainability and can provide input where necessary, or choose to participate in the startups if desirable.

Solution context

There is a lack of a digital ecosystem for like-minded climate agents to quickly find the right resources (people and tools), knowledge and funding by merely accessing one website.

The world accommodates a lot of knowledge about Climate Change, and many people want to work on it. Still, it can be challenging to get to know what that knowledge is and where to find readily accessible resources for bringing ideas to life easily. Especially if it is ‘just’ individual change agents, it is difficult to find out who they are and what they are doing.

Additionally, it is challenging to constantly be aware of all the different things, a person or a team can do to contribute, to prevent the worst-case scenario from happening. People already take part in Social Media, and it has become a daily business for many of them. Having a SoMe Channel that keeps one up to date on this cause, will help people’s life long learning to gain more knowledge and skills, and to help find solutions to Climate Change causes. 

Solution target group

Initially we are targeting international climate agents/enthusiasts who are gathered around a common purpose and who want to meet each other and learn from each other. But ClimActHub is open for everyone. That way, everyone can become an entrepreneur, and even if they do not wish to be, they can learn from the entrepreneurs through the Game zone or the classroom environment provided in ClimActHub. As an extra benefit, they will be able to display their individual climate actions to compete with each other and gain points and/or access to various educational content. 

Solution impact

Our solution will reach people all over the world. Climate marches and strikes that have taken place recently show how many people actually want to take care of our climate and environment. ClimActHub helps them to take action and make it visible to others with a potential motivation for self-improvement. A positive vibe can now spread through the entire world that has access to the internet. We believe that more startups will get off the ground and more individual actions will take place in practice in order to reduce CO2 emission goals and help save our planet.

After one year of ClimActHub being online, we will evaluate how many startups it has brought forward, but also how many individual actions. Positive impacts can eventually be quantified, not only on an individual, but also on an overall community level, resulting in potential big data generation. Also, people will be asked when they use ClimActHub, to what purposes they use it, and what it provides them that no other learning platform has provided them before.

Solution tweet text

Want to take action to Save the Planet? Looking for innovative ways how to do this and other likeminded people? Join ClimActHub! Lower your footprint and get rewards! Begin a Startup, Learn about changing the climate and share your ideas! #savetheplanet #ClimActHub

Solution innovativeness

We are inspired by existing well functioning platforms and tools (Dating Apps, Rewarding Apps, Social Media, Educational Games) and put it together into a single ecosystem. This is a product of systems thinking, and thinking out of the box: instead of providing a course or other event that hopefully institigates people to think differently about their climate, we have thought of an innovative networking product that can be used and accessed anywhere, anytime.

Solution transferability

We think ClimActHub is made for people to work on whenever they want and can be used in many contexts: from individuals at home wanting to learn and meet others; to entire classrooms and people participating in Climate-KIC courses who can work together on this platform. Although ClimActHub, with its unique constallation, is mostly suitable for climate agents, a similar product can be custom made for other innovation purposes.

Solution sustainability

We use peer pressure in a positive way: by often engaging in interactions around the subject of Climate Change and to save the planet, we think we can reach more people than with just 1 course. Studies have shown that more frequent interaction for a longer time is more effective than a one-time course or activity.

Also, this platform hopefully can successful as long time as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Channels.

Initially we would be testing the market in areas such as the users’ interest in such a product for example by questionnaires placed in existing climate agent ecosystems. Furthermore, targeting the right users will be a priority, and establishing partnerships with educational game developers etc.

Solution team work

As a team, we worked very well together. We were a very diverse team regarding our expertise, and almost organically we seem to maximized the use of our expertise. So, in dividing the work and thinking up solutions, we were able to benefit from what everyone could bring to the table. Definitely, a way of working with this team we could see happening in the future!!!

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