Comenio - Škola pod palcem (School in your hand)

Comenio - Škola pod palcem (School in your hand)

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Škola pod palcem (School in your hand)

We are creating a platform for the time of lesson. Teacher will have a real-time feedback from students.


Team: Breaded cheese meet

Team members

Daniel Burkat, Jonáš Konečný, Tomáš Kroupa, Ondřej Sukač

Members roles and background

Daniel Burkart - idea, android app developer

Jonáš Konečný - idea, research

Tomáš Kroupa - idea, graphic designer

Ondřej Sukač - idea, digital marketing

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Solution description

We created a platform to which both students and teachers are ment to be connected during lessons. Students can individualy notify their teacher about how far they are in a task, how much they understand of the topic, how the speed of the lessons suits them... Similarly teacher can notify a student he/she work well, he/she talks to much and should let others to speak as well, encourage shy students it would be great if they joind the discussion...

During digital tasks, teacher is notified if a student leaves the app for other stuff on the phone

Solution context

  1. There is no solution that aims to create a real-time feedback platform during the lesson without interrupting it. This cannot be accomplished by raising hands and speaking.
  2. There have already been some trials to encourage shy students to join a discussion. Most of the ways just put pressure on them and cause more anxiety.

Solution target group

- elementary and grammar school, from the teacher's incentive (students themselfs would probably no want to take any additional effort to enhance the quality of education because they do not realize what is appropriate for them)

Solution impact

  • Teacher knows, what level is each student at.
  • More students actively participate in lessons.
  • Time is not wasted by conection to a third party services every time or handing out books/handouts.
  • We can reduce wasted paper and thus save the environment.

Solution tweet text

We are creating a platform for the time of lesson. Teacher will have a real-time feedback from students.

Solution innovativeness

- Digitalizing oppertunities for shy students

- Real-time feedback

Solution transferability

Our idea can be used practicaly on every elementary/grammar school for 3rd grade and older. With a little change, it can be adjusted for many different subjects.

Solution sustainability

We plan to provide our application for monthly fees to schools. Althought our goal is to improve the time spent in lessons, this will be impossible without proper support from our application. With constantly coming income, we will be able to secure our full support with new implementations into new schools and still help schools already registered.

Solution team work

At the beginning, we were analyzing current problems in elementary/grammar. We came to the conclusion that there is a lack of real-time feedback during lessons. Than each of us dis his own part: Daniel Burkart was programming an Android app. Jonáš Konečný was searching on the internet what ideas and working solutions already exist thank to what we all were able to clear what exactly we should do. Tomáš Kroupa and Ondřej Sukač were designing grafic user interface (for both students and teachers). In the mean time, Ondřej Sukač was managing the whole team. At the and we all recorded the video together.

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