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A solution designed to improve the experience of university life

In a post-pandemic environment where digitization has already been part of our lives, the expectations of students are increasing in relation to what they want in their return to presenciality. In this context, CONEX came to change the experience of students and their university.



Team members

Lennin Percy Cenas Vasquez, Nestor Marcial Molina Umeres, Shakira Gamille Obregón Cabana, Ana Lucia Rodriguez Cerna and Tatiana Sophia Vergara Miranda

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Disruptive thinking


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Solution description

EDUNEX is an application created in order to bring students closer to their university in a digital environment through the following sections:

Interactive map

  • Ease of location within the campus
  • Possibility of consulting schedules by areas
  • Reservation of the various services and resources offered by the university, such as a library, cafeteria, loan of electronic equipment and so on.
  • Payment system in cafeterias


  • Publication of news, events and activities
  • Publications of inquiries and questions for references of academic materials
  • Creation of study groups


  • Organization of classes, assignments, exams
  • Set reminders

Student profile

  • Option to link to an avatar account in order to offer a personalized experience
  • Missions in which you can collect a series of stamps
  • Levels that will be measured according to the progress in extracurricular activities of the student

Through the interaction and frequency of use of the students with the application, success can be measured. In addition, it seeks to be a benchmark that allows participating academic institutions to make use of the application for their own benefit.


Solution context

Returning to face-to-face classes in a post-pandemic environment poses a challenge to the education sector. According to the speakers at the 3rd edition of the Get to Know Pandult Online Summit, a conference focused on technologies applied to education in Latin America, in just 6 months the actions that were planned to be developed in 5 years were implemented, so it was the students had to adapt quickly and there was a twist in the way the classes were run. Students expect a much more digitized environment, that is, a tool that improves the experience and makes university life easier.

Solution target group

The target group of the solution is the university student, who benefits through the optimization of processes such as the reservation of resources, consultation of classrooms and annotation of activities; while the other group involved, the university, obtains an improvement in terms of the satisfaction of its students and the promotion of educational activities that promote the development of the professional training of its students.


Solution impact

The impact will be reflected through the interactions of the students with the application, in addition through our reservation system we seek to promote streamlining, avoid queues and waiting in cafeterias, also encourage students to be able to socialize with others who are not within your circle of friendship by using shared tables

Solution tweet text

Transform your university life with

Solution innovativeness

In the market there are different personalized apps for each university, however, many of them do not meet the objective of being a tool for continuous use for university students. These become a single-use application, since they do not sufficiently link the different resources provided by the university. Instead, EDUNEX will not only manage to digitally connect the different resources available, but also improve the experience of university life by promoting an intuitive and personalized interaction between students and the university.

Solution transferability

EDUNEX is a fairly complete app that can be applied to technical institutions, academies and even schools, because once the institution has the app, it will be customized taking into account the place, that is, if it is an academy it will be They will analyze the needs of the students and based on that the app will be governed. Because in the academy students need to be organized and remember important dates such as exams. Our application has a section where through a timeline one can see what pending is such as exams, homework, among others. In addition, we have a section where they can create study groups on topics of common interest and another called networks where they can make inquiries about references to some academic material.

Solution sustainability

In the medium term, it is planned to carry out a pilot test of the application in a university in order to validate and receive feedback from students and decide whether to make changes to one of the functionalities. Long-term, it seeks to officially launch the application in order to be offered to universities that request it.

Solution team work

All the members are in different academic cycles, we are from different careers and even from different universities. This factor helped us to see the problem from different perspectives, obtaining an enriching experience that resulted in our EDUNEX app. The level of commitment and passion on the part of each member was reflected in our solution, so we will be happy to work together at the next opportunity.


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