Connect Students

Connect Students

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Help students connect on campus

Help students connect and socialize by forming study groups or finding study pals on campus.


Team: The Duckies

Team members

Aleksandra Gencheva and Dimitar Dyakov

Members roles and background

We are both software engineering students at Fontys in Eindhoven, currently part of the EdTech minor.

We work as web developers and always looking for new challenges. 

Contact details;

Solution description

The final product that would represent our solution is a mobile application, that will display a map with the university campuses in your city. Students will be able to share on which campus they are located and what they are working on. Then, fellow students will have the possibility to join them, based on that information, and study together.

Except to connect and socialize, students will be able to help each other, increase productivity and improve communication, and learning skills.

Overall, this solution will make being on campus more enjoyable by bringing students together. Knowing they will not be alone, it will motivate them to go on campus more, when possible. Furthermore, this will benefit their mental health and well-being.

Solution context

With corona and social distancing, we spent a lot of time alone at home without other people, so we should take advantage of the little time we spent on campus these days. Especially for young people, socializing and communicating with each other is essential.

Solution target group

The target group for this application is university (higher education) students. As a start, only students in the Netherlands will be targeted.

As stated in the solution description, students will be able to connect and make campus time more enjoyable.

Solution impact

For an accurate impact measurement, we will need proper research or usability tests. At this stage, we cannot provide such.

Solution tweet text

Hey students! Feeling bored and alone at home? Lacking motivation? See where your friends are studying or let them know where they can meet you! Join the student connect app now!

Solution innovativeness

The solution is different and innovative because it focuses on the campuses of your university, in your city. 
After short online research, we could not find anything similar, at least not for our area (Eindhoven). So we can say it is one of a kind. ;)

Solution transferability

The application can of course be tailored to other contexts as well, for instance, global study groups, preparing for exams - not only in university or school, and could be used to prepare for job interviews, etc.

Solution sustainability

The solution can lead to a start-up in the near future if the demand for its use is shown. It is a great tool to connect students during the pandemic but could be also used in 'normal' times to find study buddies. 

Solution team work

We have worked on many projects as a team and of course, we fight or disagree from time to time, but we do work well together, come up with good ideas and overall make a good team.

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