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an app for virtual networking, learning and knowledge sharing

Our project will allow students to connect with other students from different semesters, courses and universities. By adding multiple social media channels for engagement, it provides the platform to exchange important information faster.



Team members

Mehul Khoont, Claudia Chitu, Kuganash ravishankar, Vasili Fedorov

Members roles and background

Mehul Khoont - Product owner, Product development, Marketing and communication.

Claudia Chiţu - Project management, Strategic and business management  

Kuganash Ravishankar - UI/UX development

Vasilii Fedorov - Programming (Front end development)


Contact details

Solution description

Our proposed service (ConnectIN) will unlock the student networking, learning and knowledge sharing opportunities in a digital world. We have proposed a networking app for the students which will help all the students across all the universities to find other students from different universities, courses, semesters and with different co-curricular interest groups. Based on a survey performed at different universities from Germany, we found that our hypothesis is validated, as students are willing to connect with other students from different semesters and universities. The privacy concern is higher while using different social media channels and current networking tools such as Hivebrite, Yammer and Moodle have limited functions for the cross-university campus networking. Our final product is a mobile and web-based platform, where a student can create their profile by adding basic information about their academic profile and their primary contact details. After, they will be listed in the pool of all the students for networking. Based on their networking interest, the student can contact each other and request for their social media connection where they are more active. It will enhance the social like of the students virtually for education and they can collaborate with anyone faster for learning. The higher participation or the mandatory participation of the one university campus will impact the success of the solution. The challenge owner gets direct benefits since the platform also includes the newsletter where the university administration can share the information to students faster by selecting the target of the students easily which will help them to get more participant for the event or other university activities. Our digital identity with the unique QR code system will allow all the students to use their identity for multipurpose uses such as public transportation, student discounts in stores, pay in a stationery shop. This identity will be updated automatically so that the students are exempt for visiting the campus for validating their identity every semester. 


Solution context

It has never been a better time to bring this solution to market! The global pandemic just showed us that there are times when productivity might decrease, opportunities might be missed and students might never get in contact if there isn’t a way to enable it. All the students are restricted to the virtual contact and there is no opportunity for them to network efficiently with other students in the university. We are solving the challenge of virtual networking across the university campus where students can find other students for their academic purpose or socialising out of their academic interests as well. 

Solution target group

Our target group is all the students enrolled in the university campus as well as the university administration. The students get more benefits by networking and sharing the information faster.  They can also find other students with similar co-curricular activities and do their group activities as well. The university administration can also share their newsletters, updates and announcements with the students faster using their preferred audience group filters.   

Solution impact

The impact of our solution will be clearly visible by looking at the participation of the students and their activities on the app. The more participant using the application means their engagement with other students is higher. By tracking the newsletter and the web traffic on the platform, it will clearly show the result of the impact. This solution is impactful in a way that it has very simple functionality, fast and safe with the data protection and protection form any external users so that the networking efficiency is higher. 

Solution tweet text

Virtual campus networking during the digital semester as well as regular semester time with integration of different social media platform on one channel and the advantage of digital identity for multipurpose use

Solution innovativeness

There are similar solutions available in the market but all the other solutions are targeted to a general audience where our solution is targeted only to university students. The main innovativeness of our solution is a specific target group, easy digital interface for networking and news sharing. This solution is also feasible for replacing the physical identity card for the university since the digital data protection is higher and students can receive all their semester update automatically.  

Solution transferability

This solution can be used for other target groups as well with the specific modification of the functionality according to the needs. The core features of the easy profile creation and networking with people by integration different social media channel, it can have the same impact. The digital identity part is only applied from these solutions. The newsletter can be integrated as well but the target groups and their problems need to be identified for that. 

Solution sustainability

We believe that connectIN is the solution not only for crises but it can be sustainable, helping millions of students to explore their interests, expand their potential and grow their network professionally while they are still in the university campus to help them communicate faster and safely.

Solution team work

We started our journey as a team from the last semester hachthone, where we met each other for the first time and started working on our same goal of creating this project. We were very comfortable working with each other and started working as a team for the project further. Since we needed the funding for the project to develop it further, we decided to participate in this hackathon as well and working with the same team and scope for adapting any other participant with the coding skills. Unfortunately, the hackathon included participant from the specific universities and the scope of finding the other teammate was very limited. However, we still manage to work on our project according to the availability of other teammates since it was during the week time and they had an ongoing university schedule. We created the small mobile application demo as well as the webpage for the hackathon. 

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