Conwo - Connecting Worlds

Conwo - Connecting Worlds

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Proffesional network to find coworkers easily.

Conwo is a proffesional network to find coworkers and members for teams for school and non-school projects alike. The main point is to easily find people that may help or be interested in projects, and to fill roles in projects.


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Team members

Bruno Bartůněk, Daniel Bulant, Vojtěch Jungmann

Members roles and background

Daniel Bulant - Programming

Vojtěch Jungmann - Programming, PR

Bruno Bartůněk - PR

Contact details

Solution description

We have created a professional social network that relies on a decentralised database managed by the schools and institutions themselves. The way it works is that each school has its own database of students, which are then linked to the databases of other schools. With this comprehensive solution, we are able to achieve that schools and institutions have total control about their data. This has a lot of advantages, for example, eliminating troll accounts or hateful ones, as the school or institution is in charge of adding users to the database. This means that the school sends a link to students across the board, then the students register through a certificate issued by the school. All 3 of us in our team are students of the pilot field of cybersecurity so the sustainability and security of your data is an absolute priority for us. With a professional network, you can have all your classmates, teachers, school in your pocket

Solution context

The mission of this app is that we want to help active students who are looking for partners for their projects or just want to learn new things from their peers. With this professional network, we will encourage young and talented people, for example, to become entrepreneurs, because people from different fields are paired here, so they can come up with interesting projects and start companies together. Unfortunately, nowadays, when we still learn a ridiculously large amount of theory in schools and in the vast majority of schools we don't have the freedom to think creatively, so we want to create an imaginary lighthouse where students from different types of schools come together and start working together. We think this could also help in different sectors where young innovators start to come up with ideas that "grown-up" people can't come up with anymore because they've outgrown that imaginary childlike spirit.

Solution target group

With this project we are mainly targeting high school students who have an idea and are looking for a partner for their project or would like to join. This platform will serve as a link that will connect talented students from different schools, even from abroad. Now I would like to describe an illustrative example of how this network could work. For example, there would be a competition where you have to build a robot, unfortunately you don’t have anyone from your class or school to work with on this project. However, thanks to this professional network, you are able to find a coworker for this competition, because you will put the same # with the name to your profile.

Solution impact

The impact of our project has a great impact on active students or students who want to learn something in any field, because you can connect with people who have know-how or some other skills to pass on to you. It will be very much a learning experience because students will "learn" in a non-violent way. Most of the time it will be peers who will pass on the experience to you more clearly than anyone else. We think by pairing students from different disciplines, it will ultimately lead to new companies and startups. It will also greatly help in collaboration, an important aspect of the 21st century, because it is only through collaboration that we can move forward as a human race. The other thing I would definitely mention is socialization, students will be able to socialize with people from other schools, which will bring many friends into their personal lives.

Solution tweet text

We have created an open-source project that aims to match students to different courses in different disciplines. Our goal is to support talented students who are innovative and creative. Thanks to this project, we can awaken the creative spirit in young students.

Solution innovativeness

Conwo is a social network that protects your data. There is no platform for safe networking of active and gifted students in schools. As the 2030+ strategy confirms, peer-to-peer education is a clear way to take Czech education to a whole new level as well as the education in other nations. Using Conwo, students can find coworkers for their school and non-school projects from their peers, and find people to collaborate on their projects. Conwo can also be used as a place to share projects students are working on and get help with them. Such a decentralized professional network, running separately on several hundred or even thousands of servers, is unprecedented in the world. Thanks to this, we can eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks, because if data is leaked, it will only be leaked from one school, not from the entire professional network. When those databases are decentralized in that way at the schools, it will also raise their preparedness for cyber-attacks because they will be trying to secure that data.

Solution transferability

With the modular architecture and open-source as one of the core features, there's a place for growing Conwo and targeting the network for the specific needs of schools. From art schools, where artists can find people to either collaborate or give feedback on their art to IT schools, where people can find artists, sound designers and programmers for their games. The implementation of the network is in the performant Node.JS framework, which makes it easy to maintain and also fast.

Solution sustainability

We think that this project could be used to fight against climate change and to promote environmentalism. Thanks to the modern architecture and the particularly economical and efficient handling of data, the Conwo professional network instances have particularly low power consumption and hardware requirements. It is also possible to find colleagues who will work together with you to save the planet, for example by coming together to pick up litter at various locations in cities. You can also go together with some good speakers you find on this professional network to different conferences on global change in your country or in the world.

Solution team work

It's good to start with how we met in the first place, because that's one of the reasons we're doing this project. We are students of the Smíchov Secondary Industrial School and Gymnasium, but we are from different years, so we haven't known each other for a long time. Vojtěch Jungmann, from the 3rd year, was looking for new colleagues for a long time to create a production line for penetration testing. Unfortunately, for a long time, he couldn't find any kindred spirits to go into this kind of project. However, one day we met Vojta for lunch, where he told us his idea, which we really liked. After some time, we realized that it might not be a bad idea to start a professional network to connect young and innovative students with their peers. This will save a lot of time that could already be used for a given project or problem. The work on this project went right out of our hands,as we divided the duties at the beginning and everyone did what they were best at. I am (Bruno) creating the documentation for this project, Dan is programming the whole open-source application and Vojta is doing all the things around it.

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