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Board game will give young people basic knowledge in electronics

Our main goal as a team is to popularize Electrical Engineering. With the help of unique storyline our product will entertain the player and at the same time give education in the field of Electronics, which will increase the number of young people interested in Engineering.


Team: CosmoTronix

Team members

Ana Gogelia, David Gogia, Lizi Sharikadze, Shalva Gagnidze

Members roles and background

Ana Gogelia - Coordinator. Electrical Engineering bachelor. Teacher of electronics and robotics. IEEE member.

David Gogia - Electrical Engineer. Electrical Engineering bachelor. Teacher of electronics and robotics. 

Lizi Sharikadze - Media manager. Electrical Engineering bachelor. Influencer, content creator. IEEE member.

Shalva Gagnidze - Electrical Engineer. Information Technologies and Automated Flight Control Systems bachelor. Teacher of electronics and robotics.

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Solution description

Our solution is a boardgame which consists of 3 stages.
+In the first stage, players will be introduced to the board game manual, where they will learn the principles of using electronic components and the interesting, fun tasks they will use when playing this board game. The second stage develops in the form of a standard board game, where players have to overcome meteorites and various obstacles in space by solving electronic tasks and various tasks in the board game. Bonus cards accumulated at the previous stage will also help players to overcome the difficulties of the game. The game will also be linked to an app that will additionally help players deepen their theoretical knowledge and accumulate bonuses.The app will also include video tutorials of electrical circuits of stage one. In the last stage, the players will use the already acquired knowledge to solve certain electrical tasks. Success will be mainly measured by the increasing amount of people interested in electronics and electrical engineering fields. Our customers will benefit from learning the basics of electronics and getting interested in this field.

Solution context

The interest of young people in electronics is insufficient, which naturally leads to a shortage of specialists in this field in our country. In turn, the shortage of such staff hinders the creation and development of new technologies and innovative products. That’s why we’re creating a board game called CosmoTronix that, along with being fun, having interesting storytelling and assignments, will teach the player the basics of electronics.

Solution target group

The target groups are: teenagers, people interested in boardgames, people interested in electrical engineering. Our solution will affect the people who had no previous experience with electronics. They will benefit by learning the basics of electronics and get interested by this field.

Solution impact

With the help of unique storyline our product will entertain the player and at the same time give education in the field of Electronics, which will increase the number of young people interested in Engineering. As a result of the popularization in this field, the number of people in this profession will increase, more schoolchildren will attend special electronics academies.

Solution tweet text

Dip your toes in world of electronics... but wait! there may be some surprises along the way, come and find out with CosmoTronix!

Solution innovativeness

The advantage of CosmoTronix is reflected in the fact that in Georgia, as well as in the world, there is no similar product. Our product will interest, entertain the player and at the same time give education in the field of electronics, which will increase the number of young people interested in engineering in the country. Our product has competitive advantage, as it has: variety of tasks, interactive board, a unique storyline, cognitive advantage, replayability, connects to app and lastly it does not have specific age restrictions. Not only our boardgame teaches electronics and is fun to play, but it also connects with an app. All of this combined with a manual that introduces electrical components to a player makes it innovative, meaning there is no similar product on the market.

Solution transferability

This board game will also be available in online format which will make this game easier to access. Our product can also be used in schools and other educational institutions as an electronics learning game and entertainment Thing

Solution sustainability

As our product is a boardgame, we will be implementing it on flea markets, science fairs and boardgame tournaments, where we are planning on to interest society with our product in mid-term. In case of long-term, we think that the fame of our product as a boardgame depends on the customers, who will recommend it to other people.

Solution team work

Our team consists of 2-4 students who love electrical engineering and want to share this knowledge and passion to others as well. We worked excellently as a team, as we worked together at a robotics and electronics accademy. Our team divided the work evenly, two worked on assemblying the board itself, the other two worked on logistic aspects of the product. We all worked together to create the storyline for the game, because it is essential to have more ideas from different people. We were able to combine our knowledge and experience and design a product that would benefit society. We are constantly learning new things, which will help us to develop our product further.

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