Cultural Ñam

Cultural Ñam

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We believe game and culture are part of human society.

Cultural Ñam is an educational game that offers diverses challenges related to Historical Heritage, enhancing the skills of young people who are in high school. Encouraging them to value their identity through History and cultural resources.


Team: Team 28: Cultural Ñam

Team members

María Pía Felipa Ibarra, Sandra Jesús Albán Lucano, Ivette Anne Del Valle Rojas, Ricardo Francisco Quevedo Grimaldo

Members roles and background

María Pia Felipa Ibarra, I am the mentor of Cultural Ñam. I work as an Architect and Teaching Assistant at UPC. I consider myself as a creative and optimistic person. I believe that all of us can make the world a better place to grow and to share.

Sandra Albán Lucano, I am one of the creators of Cultural Ñam. I'm a student of Education and Learning Management. Also, I am also a volunteer in cultural projects. I consider myself as a person who loves peruvian culture and is willing to take actions to revalue it. I think that every day is an opportunity to become a better version of themselves.

Ivette Del Valle Rojas, I am one of the creators of Cultural Ñam. I'm a student of Education and Learning Management. Also, I am also a volunteer in Perú Trasciende. I consider myself as a person who loves design and culture.

Ricardo Quevedo Grimaldo, I am a software developer, that study in engineer in UPC . I work as SAP technical consultant and i own a website of pop culture call "". I'm a curious person interested in innovation and learning.

Contact details

María Pía Felipa Ivarra: Sandra Jesús Albán Lucano:ús-albán-lucano Ivette Anne Del Valle Rojas: Ricardo Francisco Quevedo Grimaldo:

Solution description

Cultural Ñam is a digital platform that uses gamification and augmented reality to learn about historical heritage. Likewise, it proposes various challenges, provides feedback and facilitates formative  assessment. Project success will be measured by visualizations and challenge solving. This platform has many benefits such as motivating students, filtering the most complex content according to age and reinforcing cultural identity.

Solution context

In our educational system, competencies related to critical thinking, citizenship and development of heritage projects are developed to a lesser extent. Likewise, history courses are limited to providing content without real reflection. This is reflected in lack of identity and damage to cultural heritage.

Solution target group

Students from 2nd to 5th grade of secondary school (13-17 years old).

Solution impact

The impact is measured through the attitude of the teachers, the visit to the various archaeological sites and the greatest diversity of projects on heritage care.

Solution tweet text

Cultural Ñam is an educational and innovative platform that encourages the autonomous work of students and the revaluation of local culture.

Solution innovativeness

Our platform adapts to the cultural heritage of the students' geographical area. Likewise, it provides feedback, facilitates formative assessment and the development of competencies of the national curriculum.  Cultural Ñam uses the concept of augmented reality from Pokemon Go. It also uses Among Us “imposter” find system and the custom house of Neopets and Animal Crossing.

Solution transferability

The structure of Cultural Ñam can be adapted to the geographical location of various regions, either with Peruvian and foreign cultures. This structure covers the design of the challenges, the evaluation forms, the customization of the avatar, the QR code and the reports to the teachers.

Solution sustainability

In the medium term, we will develop activities that connect the learning of culture with interdisciplinary themes. We will also adapt the platform to a 3D model. In addition, we will make alliances with schools and museums in the country. In the long term, we will include the historical heritage of other regions of Peru. We will also have a version in Quechua.

Solution team work

We are a multidisciplinary team made up of two education students, an engineering student, and an architect.

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