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Professional training in IT has never been more achievable! DeLeBo is anintelligent chatbot/mentor for IT companies. It promotes knowledge sharing,while saving time, money, and improving company relationships, driving tosuccess through digital innovation.



Team members

Seda CENKAYOGLU / Alessia Manera / Ilaria Laurenza / Arianna Moretti / Daniel Zarzecki

Members roles and background

Our team leader Seda CENKAYOGLU is a Turkish woman who is a Computer Engineeringgraduate, currently studying at a Master’s in Software Engineering. She is a pilot, works in thedefense industry since 2014. She has two roles, second role is a product manager for company intrapreneurship.

Alessia Manera is an edu-worker and trainer, she works with teens promoting learningcontexts that connect formal learning to expressive and performative languages, real tasksand life, allowing multiple accesses to knowledge.

Ilaria Laurenza is a recent graduate in Specialised Translation, she is passionate aboutlanguages and technological innovation and works as a translation project managementtrainee for a publishing company.

Arianna Moretti is an Anthropology graduate currently attending a Master’s in DigitalHumanities and Digital Knowledge at the University of Bologna. She is interested in artificialintelligence, machine learning systems and digital health.

Daniel Zarzecki is an aspiring programmer. He has previously worked on web and mobileapps. He is currently learning Python and about AI, ML in particular. He is interested instartups and new technologies.

Contact details

Solution description

The solution we are proposing to corporate companies is an intelligent chatbot called DeLeBo.The solution we are proposing to corporate companies is an intelligent chatbot called DeLeBo.Our main target is IT companies, but we think that the product could be proposed to othercorporate companies working with young professionals in remote workplaces.DeLeBo is an essential tool in the training of young junior professionals who want to acquireknowledge about their company’s day-to-day tasks in a fast way, and get connected withsenior colleagues to improve work relationships and achieve success and careeradvancement.If you are in doubt while performing your work, you can ask for DeLeBo’s assistance: thechatbot will provide suggestions to solve problems and carry out tasks thanks to onlinemultimedia storage systems offering tailored solutions for the company’s issues and commonworkflow. DeLeBo aims at solving many problems: firstly, it makes professional training easierand more efficient in terms of time management and financial resources; secondly, it helpsyoung professionals feel less scared and lonely when starting a new career in a field that ismainly remotely-based; finally, it improves relationships between junior and seniorprofessionals by encouraging exchange of ideas and expertise.In case he doesn’t know how to answer to your questions, three possible solutions are offered:he will either connect you with a senior employee that will help you find the perfect solution,create a ticket for your request, so that a colleague may answer to your question on theplatform, or alert a Knowledge Manager who will augment the chatbot’s knowledge. As amatter of fact, the chatbot learns new things everyday thanks to employee interactions andknowledge management technologies.DeLeBo is the perfect compromise between a chatbot and a social network: it simulatesinformal one-to-one conversations, offers tutorial videos and training ‘stories’ enriched withtailored hashtags, and each user can leave their feedback to improve the platform.

Solution context

IT companies are one of the sectors which experience the highest employee turnover rate, andthey often have many IT professionals working remotely for a number of different reasons(budgeting, the current health care emergency, freelance positions within the company).However, this scenario is becoming increasingly common for many different sectors, and weshould be prepared to face it.As you probably know, training a new member of a team is very expensive andtime-consuming, and companies have to invest a lot over the years on many different people.This leads to an increased difficulty for young professionals to stand out in their new companyand achieve professional growth in fast paced and remote working environments. Moreover,there is often an inefficient exploitation of training material because it often is quite outdated,standardised and not adapted to one’s personal needs.Our understanding of ‘workplaces’ is changing too: remote working is more and moreencouraged across a number of sectors, and the current health emergency has enhanced thephenomenon, leading to rethink the employee experience. Our product aims at helpingcompanies embrace these changes, facilitating the training of young professionals, and athelping employees progress in the workplace.

Solution target group

Our chosen target group is young IT professionals employed in corporate companies, mainlyin IT but other sectors may be involved in the future of our vision. Among the possible firstusers of DeLeBo, there are mainly young and ambitious programmers who wish to achievecareer advancement, but have little time or a limited access to the appropriate trainingresources within their company. Moreover, they often work remotely and would like to improvetheir relationship with colleagues to make friends and find mentors.

Solution impact

The impact of our solution is measured in terms of employee success in the workplace andcareer advancement, as well as in terms of positive and friendly company relations. Thechatbot aims at improving training and, at the same time, making companies save time andmoney that are usually employed in training programs. Existing training programs incompanies are often obsolete, boring, and are not tailored to the employee’s needs. Ourproduct offers an interactive training solution that is similar to a social network: short trainingvideos are available, but the platform also offers integrated knowledge acquired directly fromprofessionals within the company.

Solution tweet text

DeLeBo, a new learning assistant for young employees in corporate companies: making efficient #learning and #careerboost achievable!

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is innovative because it defines a new interactive way of training youngprofessionals in the modern workplace, by connecting colleagues in a social media-likeplatform that relies on AI technologies, as well as on the company’s sets of knowledge andexperts. As a matter of fact, HR, as well as senior UX designers, NLP experts, programmers,knowledge managers and may serve as ‘educators’ of the chatbot, as they provide it with thetraining material and with tailored solutions of everyday problems.AI is a crucial aspect of our product: the chatbot’s knowledge is increasingly augmented withexperience and human interactions, making it the perfect mentor in a corporate environment.

Solution transferability

We mainly targeted the IT sector, but the working experience is changing across manydifferent sectors, therefore we believe that our solution may be adapted to the needs of anumber of companies.As a matter of fact, displacement and remote-working are an increasingly common reality indifferent work contexts, either in small or big companies, and not just because of the currentpandemic. Companies need fast and practical solutions for training new/young employees andguide them through the daily work. On the other hand, young workers need to learn quicklyand improve autonomously. DeLeBo is the perfect solution for both: its AI technology connectsthe expertise of different co-workers within the company and encourages them all to growtogether and faster.It is transferrable and scalable in the market, as it relies on human knowledge. At the sametime, the system is augmented and improved by users over time.

Solution sustainability

Our mid-term proposition for the implementation of the product is a platform which is based onan ecosystem-like organisation, based on four levels of advancement of the services:freemium, basic, pro, and proplus.Customers pay a monthly/annual subscription to use the system, and take advantage of itsability to learn and be trained to give increasingly accurate responses as time goes by.Employees interact frequently and leave useful feedback about their experience. They willlearn faster and get promotions.In the long term, we hope that the implementation of the product in similar companies will befaster and easier thanks to the chatbot’s learned experience.

Solution team work

Our teamwork was effective and organised. Each of us contributed with their personalexpertise and educational background, and communicated in a friendly and goal-orientedmanner on a project that has potential and also relies on personal knowledge of the IT field.

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