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We have turned it into a product with an innovative attitude aiming to ensure seamless learning in order to focus on the work adaptation of people with different learning styles and time zones.



Team members


Members roles and background

Hüseyin Can SAVAŞCI Eskişehir Technical University,Department of Interior Architecture,Senior (20) He took part in determining problems, researching, developing ideas, sketching and preparing presentations.

Aleyna TURKAN Eskişehir Technical University,Department of Interior Architecture,Senior (22) She took part in determining problems, researching, developing ideas, sketching and preparing presentations.

Zeynep ALTINTUĞ Eskişehir Technical University,Department of Interior Architecture,Senior (23) She took part in determining problems, researching, developing ideas, sketching and preparing presentations.

Contact details

huseyincansavasci@gmail.com /aleynaaturkan@gmail.com /zzeynepaltintug@gmail.com

Solution description

DIGIUNIV is an interface. University students and academics use it. The user chooses whether they are a student or an academic. The students choose the learning style and the time that suits them. Teachers choose the time they want to teach. Continuous training takes place. The teacher determines the functioning of the lesson according to the focus data. The users can socialize or work in the chat rooms. It benefits the user. It can be measured by user feedback and the efficiency of the course.

Solution context

The pandemic has revealed the existing problems of Distance Education. Attending the training in front of the digital screen, alone or with a crowded group in the room caused the students to lose their focus. Moreover, the students had a lack of experience while they were in front of the screen. Education, which transformed into only hearing and seeing, negatively affected students with different learning styles.

Solution target group

The target audience of our product is university students and academicians around the world.

Solution impact

In the framework of the concept of Continuous Learning, with an interface that measures focal points using filtering (learning styles and time periods), eye tracking systems (detection of pupils' movement) and thermal cameras (by determining the color of the focus of interest in the brain);The academician who realizes that the focus of the student decreases, changes the course of the course.The academician can take a break (determines the duration of the course).The efficiency of the course is taken under control.In this interface, we synchronized the time zones of universal users and brought them together.

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Solution innovativeness

There are applications that are similar to our solution.  For example, the product called Focus1 measures students' focus with headbands; Applications such as Instagram and Twitter use filtering and highlighting algorithms.  In this interface, focal points are measured with a thermal camera and eye-tracking system without using a device, and its filtering and highlighting feature allows users to choose their learning styles and times.

Solution transferability

The fact that the application can be downloaded to all kinds of devices makes it easy to use in informal spaces. It creates an uninterrupted learning platform regardless of place and time. It can be used in different fields, for example, training provided by companies and internship programs.

Solution sustainability

Our solution makes itself sustainable with updates that can be made in the application according to the process and changing needs, taking into account user demands. By following technological developments, we can integrate appropriate and developing systems into our interface.

Solution team work


As a team, we aimed to respond to problems effectively. While reaching a solution in line with this goal, we worked in a disciplined manner with the necessary role sharing, we think we are a good team. We would like to come together in different jobs as a team in the future.

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