DigiEduHack: App for Apps

DigiEduHack: App for Apps

Our challenge, your solutions

The app will provide accurate and quick responses in multimedia.

The app can be used by students as well as people in a diverse range of jobs, as Microsoft apps are widely used. It would make for more effective learning and eliminates the struggles of searching the entire web for one detail. 


Team: AFA

Team members

• Sreya – Graphic Designer • Riya – Software Developer • Sara – Software Developer • Emilie – Software Developer • Ojal – Logo Designers

Members roles and background

• Sara came up with the idea of making an app that showed you how to use other apps. Once our idea was finalised, Ojal came up with a rough draft for the logo.
• After that, Riya and Sara came up with ideas on how the app would look (e.g how it would look on a phones home screen, how it would look when you opened the app, the number of icons, etc).
• Then the ideas were given to Emilie and she drew a rough draft of how the app would look on paper.
• Finally, Sreya digitally designed the final draft of the app on a device.

We are a group of secondary school students who are from a technology based school and wanted to test the ideas we were thinking and try let them become real through this competition.

Contact details

rgraji@olgrove.ie ebadin@olgrove.ie ssaji@olgrove.ie shaque@olgrove.ie

Solution description

Our final product is an app for apps, we saw during the course of lockdown that people faced a lot of problems working apps such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and numerous other apps. While the solutions to problems with these can be found on Google, the searches take up scanning through a lot of videos and websites and by the time the student gets an answer to their specific query, the focus and concentration is lost. Therefore, we intend to create an app that provides fast and accurate responses and can be used by people from all fields of work instead of just students alone.
This solution can be used to enhance digital learning because our product can deliver high quality, fluid learning without the hassle of minor issues while searching. This would also assist a student’s independent learning, which is the basis of digital student-centered education in today’s world.
As our target audience has a much wider range then just students, its success rate can be measured by the amount of people using the app. As the app is not limited to students and can also be used by colleges and corporates, the live feedback from both students in secondary level and adults working outside the field of education would help determine the scale of its success.
The solution will provide more benefits to students as it delivers high quality and easily accessible information, without the time consuming process of scanning through numerous videos and websites. As a result of the tedious process of finding the information, the initial mindset of productivity is lost.

Solution context

More often than not, students find themselves confused on how to work one or the other Microsoft apps, e.g creating a spreadsheet or arranging data on Excel, inserting a file on OneNote or saving documents to different locations. We use technology and our devices on a daily basis, and would usually turn to teachers, or google, for help. During lockdown, we felt that a lot of time was wasted in roaming the web, looking through infinite videos and websites for a single specific fact or detail we needed. We wanted to find a solution that would maximise our time while finding the necessary information.

Solution target group

Our initial solution target, App For Apps is for educational purposes, as students use Microsoft 365 on an everyday basis – especially in the course of this global pandemic, so it is used more frequently. Students that have just entered secondary level education may not be familiar with the works of Microsoft so we want to develop this app in a way that leaves as little room for problems as possible, and even if problems do arise, students will have this straightforward app that also helps with independent student-centered learning. This app can also be targeted at qualified students that know the pros and cons of Microsoft 365 because this app will answer any query, whether it be as detailed as possible or the simplest question.

Solution impact

The impact of our solution is that the app is not only limited to students but can be used by colleges and companies too. This means that the number of people that are interactive with the features of the app would measure how impactful and helpful it was to them.

Solution tweet text

Hey guys! Just downloaded the latest app called AFA!! It’s sooo helpful with school and I feel soooooo independent. Totes don’t need to search my questions up on Google anymore, with one click on AFA I can find any answer to any of my questions :)

Solution innovativeness

We searched in AppStore and didn’t find any app or technological feature that had the same function as our idea. This proves that our app is original and innovative.

Solution transferability

If App for Apps is successful and receives good feedback from students of secondary level, we want to expand the target audience to include not only students, but people from corporates and colleges as they most likely use Microsoft 365 in their everyday work as well. Our app focuses on targeting multiple markets, but we want to start off with students as this app is mainly based for student-centered learning.

Solution sustainability

We think it will be beneficial to implement the situation by allowing students from didgital based schools to have it at their disposal. In the long term, we wish to expand our target audience from just students to national and international companies.

Solution team work

As we know each other from our school community, we are accustomed to each other’s capabilities and what we can provide to the team. We were able to confidently speak up about our opinions and ideas on the solution without encountering difficulties with clashing opinions. If the opportunity arose again, we would definitely continue to work as a team in the future, as we bring out the best in each other and balance out each other’s flaws.

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