digihisto is the title of our solution, more specifically, it is a website of how we see the education in the future and it is really near because of the in

digihisto is the title of our solution, more specifically, it is a website of how we see the education in the future and it is really near because of the in

Our challenge, your solutions

Development of the quality of the Educational System in Georgia

It is extremely important for us to help people get edaction and as technologies develope beyond we think that schools should get ready to implement this method of learning since our solution is about changing the way children learn Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and other subjects at schools.


Team: digihisto

Team members

Avtandil Svianadze (Georgian Aviation University, Faculty of Engineering), Ana Sviandze (Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Public Health)

Members roles and background

We, as a team, have experience in taking part in similar hackathons, for instance, we have taken part NASA - International Space Apps and won the 3rd place in this year's hackathon.

ავთანდილ სვიანაძე - Avtandil Svianadze

ანა სვიანაძე - Ana svianadze

Contact details

Avtandil Svianadze - https://www.instagram.com/atukisvianadze/ Ana Svianadze - https://www.facebook.com/anuki.anukii.771

Solution description

Educational game idea

This year, elsewhere in the previous year, there is no restriction on which game it should be, we decide to submit a site, a kind of platform where it will be possible to study different subjects. There are various educational channels in the country, but I think they do not meet modern standards and interactivity. On the platform that we present, will be placed the definition of subjects and the corresponding games.


Solution context

Here are some examples of the solutiom:

  1. For chemistry subject: Virtual laboratory in the subject of chemistry
  2. For biology subject: Stages of plant development in the subject of biology, where students should provide appropriate care for these plants.
  3. For history subject  - Study of history-with feature films, animations and quizzes of historical events.

Solution target group

Children aged 6-10 since our website includes games for them. Their interest are so close with that.

Solution impact

It will have a huge impact on our educational systems and development of children who are studying at school and even to childlren who are homeschooling in Georgia and not only.

Solution tweet text

Metaverse by Mark, Digihisto by Us

Solution innovativeness

I think we will be able to develop our website with VR tevhnologies for instace metaverse.

Solution transferability

It is highly advanced method of learning school sibjects, such as math, history, biology, chemistry, foreign languages, english, physics. 

Solution sustainability

It is a mid term because I don't know what will happen. will they like my idea or not? will parents be able to give their children access to our website or not? 

Solution team work

Yes only one person Anna Svianadze (ichbinavt1@gmail.com) and I (a.svianadze@ssu.edu.ge) did a team work.

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