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Digital Teens

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A Place where teens of Pakistan can become more than just scroll

Website where teens can learn more about their online presence


Team: Digital Teens

Team members

Amna, Isha, Preeti, Zobia, Afshan, Mishal, Neha, Maheen

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Solution description

Our Solution was to target teenage internet users and help them see what the internet communities represent before they dive into them. Social Media is one big sector of traffic for teens and it has some impacts that are not so popular, where it isolates young children from the real world, making them anxious, depressed and cut off from their real peers outside the virtual world. Our Website, would include short videos and blogposts addressing internet safety, and how to use the internet efficiently rather than spending 9+ hours scrolling. We want to help teens see that the internet is far more than just social media, having resources centers where they can discover themselves, have webinars and talks about topics they may never have thought of. This website would help educate people about the internet and our success would be seen among teens who use it to find opportunities to learn, grow and give back to communities with the powers of internet.

Solution context

Kids age 8 are having 24/7 unmonitored access to the internet without knowing that their activity may be tracked and used against them. We want to make sure that people know what they are stepping into before going virtual.

Solution target group

Young Teenage users of Internet

Solution impact

Our impact could be measured in how many teens use their 9+ hours on the internet per day in things that help them learn. Our teens aren't our customers but the leaders of tomorrow so, the more education we can spread, the more sensible we can help them become, the better the future for our world might be.

Solution tweet text

A Website where you can learn from teenagers about the uses, safety, and impact of your virtual presence. Where you can know who follows you when you are online.

Solution innovativeness

Our Parents/ mentors/ teachers haven't had the internet around for as long as we have and they haven't made ways to regulate how kids use it. This is a new aspect which people have neglected and not many people want to focus on it, it exposes the truth and its bad for business. If we can help people make better decisions in the virtual world, we're helping ourselves become responsible for the new opportunities that kids have access to

Solution transferability

Absolutely, it can be used by people who are in contact with young children. They can use our resources, videos, workshops to make their models to spread this education. Our solutions are flexible to account to all needs since they are virtual, location and time do not bound us from helping people far away.

Solution sustainability

The Implementation would be extremely simple process, starting from marketing it to schools using workshops and helping parents see its importance, its got a long way to go. Later on, we can iterate and make it more efficient for the clients who need us most, we can add paid services (1on1 mentoring/ counselling) and provide schools with tools to. help them make this conversation possible with their teens.

Solution team work

We worked well, everybody contributed to the research aspect very well, we received good inputs from each others and I can see myself working together in the future .

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