Digital Warriors - Solution

Digital Warriors - Solution

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Our solution is an Online Challenge Tool– a digital simulation of a DigiEduHackathon type challenge/competition event, that can be taken online by individual learners or groups of learners anytime and doesn’t require a coordinated event. Includes AI coaches and AI virtual competitors.


Team: Digital Warriors

Team members

Louise Cox, Stuart Kruse, Gunnar Glanzel, Joanna Wright

Contact details

Louise +44 7973 6398014

Solution description

We have been inspired by the intense learning experience of the DigiEduHackathon itself!

Our solution is an Online Challenge Tool– a digital simulation of a DigiEduHackathon type challenge/competition event, that can be taken online by individual learners or groups of learners anytime and doesn’t require a coordinated event. Includes AI coaches and AI virtual competitors.

This will be an experience not a course!  The main benefit is that this online experience will have the excitement, intensity and emotion to change mindsets and light the fire to encourage learners drive their own learning journeys.

Our solution is in the response to the challenge owner wanting to go beyond simple knowledge transfer to transferring ‘the correct mindset and entrepreneurial attitude’ - we believe this can only be done by a real, challenging, pressured experience not just content (however engaging). We will let learners live a ‘life changing’ experience!

Solution context

The problem (and our hypothesis): you can’t change attitudes or mindsets (or inspire people) by viewing passive content. Learners need an experience. However, an event like the DigiEduHackathon requires people participate at a particular time and place and has real coaches to run things. 


Assumption 1: Online/digital learning rarely touches upon mindsets (as opposed to cognition/knowledge). Assumption 2: Mindsets are reached better through experience, emotions and activity. Hypothesis: Prompting learners to engage actively in a pressured, challenge context, allows them to make both cognitive and emotional experiences

We are setting up a re-usable, online Challenge format (an alternative to the course format).  These challenges can be run autonomously. The challenge will be presented to learners online using a mix of media (e.g. a video of a presenter introducing them to the challenge event, and videos of coaches giving support). They will have access to resources as they work through the challenge and their will be AI coaches to answer questions and an AI competitor team to bring the intensity/pressure. The challenge will be time-bound, just like the DigiEduHackathon, so learners experience the pressure and thrill of applying new tools and mindsets as they rush to a goal within a deadline

Solution target group

This will be a re-usable format (just like a course) – a toolkit that can be used to create different challenges for different audiences. So the target group is theoretically infinite!

However, in-line with Climate-KIC’s mission the initial target groups would be entrepreneurs, professionals, and start ups (also coaches, students, and climate activists).

Solution impact

There will be two main impacts:

1)A new learning approach/format which is particularly suited to the difficult challenge of changing mindsets and helping people see a subject in a new way. A new, experiential format to complement the traditional course or MOOC format.

2)A learning approach with the power to motivate learners and ignite them to start their own learner journeys.

Possible ways of measuring:

1)This could be measured by seeing if it leads to an uptake of other digital learning materials offered by CKIC and sign-ups to CKIC programmes (or requests for connections with coaches)

2)It could also be measured by recording sessions (with learners’ consent) and having experienced assessors review parts and/or results of the session

3)Standard measures (no. of enrolments, time spent on the platform) could also be applied

4)Participants should be asked about their experience

Solution tweet text

Don’t take a course, experience a life-changing challenge! Give us 4 hours and we’ll change your life, broaden your mind, and bring you closer to actionable solutions to save the planet! #CKICDigiEduHack #DigiEduHack

Solution innovativeness

Our idea is innovative in that it offers an original approach to online interaction with learners – we don’t use the computer to ‘teach’ we use it to create a compelling experience. There are few MOOCs that offer this type of approach.  Plus our solution is a re-usable format and not a fixed solution – so it can be scaled to many different situations (we can develop a challenge creator toolkit)

Solution transferability

Yes – it is a transferable format; a framework – just like a course it can be tailored to many different subjects and contexts. Though, we mainly focused on climate change subjects when we first devised the idea.

What parts of it can be applied to other context?  All of it! You can make a challenge related to any subject (though it is most suited to mindset-change subjects or where we need to ‘ignite passion’ in learners.

Solution sustainability

We would first recommend creating a prototype (for a particular subject) to ensure the format does instil the required level of intensity and emotion to achieve its goals. If this works, this can then be developed into a toolkit or development ‘engine’ so can be re-used for many subjects and thus scale.

Solution team work

I think we worked as a great team! We had the advantage of already knowing each other and being familiar with virtual working tools. I think we were also appropriately critical/iterative – throwing out 4 other ideas after analysis before coming to this final idea/solution. We were not afraid to fail and then come out the other side!

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