Dimenish Cyberbullying

Dimenish Cyberbullying

Our challenge, your solutions

Dimenish Cyberbullying

Mental well-being is becoming very important issue in schools. Every 5th child is being bullyid and every 6th child is a bully. Every 5th 15 year old student thinks about suicide. This creates negative atmosphere in the school and to studies. 


Team: CyberTeam

Team members

Jan Markus Kell, Joonas Aguraiuja, Matthias Kalevi Paluteder, Osvald Ojaveer, Otto Raudsepp, Uku Joost Annus

Members roles and background

High school students, 11th garde. From Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium

Contact details

Joonas Aguraiuja +372 5267123

Solution description

Our solution is in 2 parts.

Firstly we go through as many 4th-6th grades as we can and council students personally in a group of 10 and get feedback from them at the end. 

Secondly we have a vision of a platform where the main function is to help the individual bullied. On the platform there are many experts from whom the individual can choose the one he/she trusts the most.

Solution context

Right now there is no solid platform where there are all the professionals united and which is easy and is anonymous.

Solution target group

We mainly target kids, who are being bullied but also raise awareness for parents. Explain the seriousnes of the matter to the bullies. 

They all have a place where they can talk about their problems and motivate them.

Solution impact

We want to limit cyberbullying ´. We measure it by getting feedback at the end of our councling. 

We will make it so, it´s convenient and easy to give.

Solution tweet text

We´ll make a platform where we´ve gathered experts and it´ll be easy to contact them through a chat. Anonymity is the key.When I was younger I was bullied in a game, I never knew how to respond, find help and neither did my mother.We don´t want the same to future generation.

Solution innovativeness

at the moment there is nothing like it, at least no in Estonia.

Solution transferability

It can, fo like parents counceling and to help fill up the gap between children and parents.

Solution sustainability

our plan is to get our platform up and running. We already have a big telecom partner with us, but we need to find some more. 

Who would not want a good image and help the community.

Solution team work

We have known each other for over a year now. In that time we have really connected and found out our common interests and decided to fight against cyberbullying.

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