Drops of culture

Drops of culture

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Linking urban citizens to cultural institutions and each other

The idea is to connect people through "cultural drops". The concept is a token-based app called "Drops of culture". People download and make a profile to be a part of this cultural community. The tokens can be linked to presents from cultural institutions, museums, etc.


Team: Drops of culture

Team members

Kirstine & Thorbjørn

Members roles and background

Kirstine Røssum -  Urban Landscape Engineer (Student at KU)

Thorbjørn Fejerskov - Researcher and Organisational expert (PhD, project manager in municipality)


Contact details

thorbjornfk@gmail.com, kirstine.sgr@gmail.com

Solution description

The tool is the app called "Drops of culture". When registering, you will be a part of this cultural community. Each participant will have a number of tokens that you can use to get influence on a specific cultural event, that is registered in the Drops of culture app. When citizens move in the city, they can check in to different digitalized cultural offers, if e,g. at least 2 other citizens decide to explore with them. 

The influence could be which type of music there could be played in an urban space or a specific topic or question to discuss. This could create more cultural and local democracy. The idea is to connect people in the urban areas through token-based cultural happenings.

We discussed that a positive obstruction to trigger the cultural experience could be, that before unlocking the experience you had to gather at least 2-3 people. In that way, people would meet and engage with each other and share experiences - get out of their comfort zone and explore the city together in new ways. 

Solution context

Connecting people, local democracy, cultural experiences, playfulness, empathy, sense of belonging, moving by foot or bicycles or public transport.

Solution target group

"Drops of culture" is an app-based solution, that everyone with a smartphone would have access to. To promote the app and get people to use it, it would be necessary to find the right people to involve. The cultural token-based events should vary widely, so as many different people would have an interest in participating. The events could also have some requirements that it needed to fulfill before it was allowed to be released in terms of sustainability. One of these could be that you win tokens by driving a bicycle or walking in the city, or by using public transportation.

Solution impact

As described above, the app could encourage certain types of movement, as well as address issues of loneliness or just lack of interaction between people in cities.

Given that we are using an app, there would be numerous aspects that could be measured, based on the data generated by the users themselves.

We would be able to measure the number of app users and interactions, of course. But we would also be able to track movement patterns, the popularity of offers, how the users prefer to be rewarded, what items share the best, and a number of other factors. 

Solution tweet text

The app "Drops of culture" will connect citizens and cultural institutions in an urban, moving community. Each participant will have an amount of tokens that you can use to get influence on a specific cultural event, registered in the Drops of Culture app.

Solution innovativeness

Token economy, playfulness, local democracy, and cultural experiences. There is no other app or solution out there as far as we know that combines cultural institutions, moving in the city, citizens, and lack of social interaction, with a tokenized economy.

Solution transferability

Once it is developed in Copenhagen, the app could be transferred to any city in the world that has museums and other cultural institutions, and where issues of lack of sociality or poor use of sustainable forms of moving are present. 

Solution sustainability

The app is a start, then it could be able to grow and connect people even more. 

Solution team work

It was a nice day with a lot of great ideas and energy - eye-opening. We are ready to develop if the chance comes along!

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